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I am planning to get 2002 zx6r for about 2500 the problem is :

#1 tires need to be replace both of them worn down
#2 chain is rusted
#3 Has been droped, peg broken and one of the handle bar breaks curve thingy is bent
#4 is 16000 miles
#5 Temperature rises at 210 then fan turns on

Well i am not in a hurry to get a bike because is almost winter time and i know there are plenty of bikes on sale but i feel that this bike is a good deal even though it needs alot of repairing.

Can someone help me with the pricing of the repairs and should i wait for the winter to come to decide to get a bike.

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#1 You're going to have between $300 to $500 in tires.
#2 To replace the chain you should replace the sprockets, worn sprockets will ruin a new chain. Figure $200 for a good O-ring chain and front and rear sprockets.
#3 Check Ebay for those parts. I don't know what is damaged without seeing it.
#4 Nothing wrong there if it was maintained. Plan on having the oil changed, replace the spark plugs, service or replace the air filter and it would be good to have the valve clearance checked.
#5 That's normal. It's supposed to come on around 210 degrees.
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