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okay, so i have managed to blow my 125 engine, it makes a loud ticking noise.

i rode with no oil and doing around 70-75mph i had an instant loss of power, straight after the loss of power my bike began making a tapping noise (metal on metal) it does it on idle and does it while revving.

even though their was a loss of power the bike actually rode all the way home (20mph roughly) and as the loss of power and the tick began i pulled over to see what the noise was, it sounded like top end, i havent started it since as my tank was syphoned for my dads 750 to use as my bikes out of action.

my dad believes the bearings have gone, i spoke to the company i brought the Chinese bike from and they told me the engines gone, but i cant find any kind of haynes manual or any manual infact for engine disassemble.

but, i also dont understand what the issue is, i have had no issues before this, ive been told it could be piston slap, bad valve or bad bearings... but i dont actually know and as i cant find any information i cant infact do anything.

the bike is a Zontes Monster (Baroni EFV 200).

what could the rattle be without opening up the engine? also, can you tell me if the engine is infact gone and is now just a dud engine?

i have no footage of my bike making this noise and i cant post any as i dont have a good post count, but this is the description i can give:

its a loud clashing type noise of two pieces of metal hitting eachother, it is steady on tick over but as i add revs the noise becomes louder and more rapid.

its the closest thing i could find to it. but i need to get this issue fixed soon, i need to get back on the road.

Once this began i actually road home and the power didnt get better it stayed the same but i am hoping with the fact i got it home with the tick its not as bad as it seems. I know its a very big hope.

Thank you.

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Try putting oil back in the engine and see what that does. Believe it or not, I've had engines that sounded like they had major damage that were still usable after adding oil. Not likely, but it COULD happen.

Other then that, it's not really possible to diagnose what your noise is over the Internet, and possibly not even without taking it apart. Usually the bearings go first, but it could be anything.
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