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Zero Electric Motorcycles

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I just saw a Zero Motorcycle today when I was out in the car.

I love to challenge myself on identifying every bike I see when out and about.
This one had me stumped for a while, but when I got close, I saw Zero on the "tank".
When I got home, I looked it up and watched some videos and now I WANT ONE!
Ugh, why do I do this to myself every week? (Last week I wanted a Honda CB300R.)

The Zero looks so fun.
It would probably feel like I was silently flying around like Peter Pan.
In a perfect world, I would choose the FXS SuperMoto as my stealth city Batcycle.
No oil, no gas, no chain to clean, no shifting, and silent. Oh so silent.
But JimminyCrickets, there things are expensive!

Anyone here have one?
If so, tell all the cons so I can get the thing off my mind.
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I'm picturing a Prius with this giant speaker in the back that makes sounds like an amplified Harley or a Semi :)
Would be good for a laugh!

Almost as good as when I occasionally ride through town on my almost silent Vision, with the stereo blasting out the sound of George Jetson's car going by.. I get the funniest laughs from people on the corner or waiting for a bus :)

Heck, I have all my senses, but I was almost backed over by my wife's uncle and his Prius. We were at a wedding, BSing in the parking lot, and as I started walking to the building, still looking at my friends as we said goodbye, he was backing out of a spot. Thing was completely silent and I walked into it.

This is why loud pipes save lives. :D
Worth a repeat!

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Batteries are always the weak link. I have heard of fires due to high amp draw as the battery voltage drops and they overheat. Plus they are expensive to replace when they die. Give me noise and fossil fuels, I want the 4 wheelers to hear me when I'm near....just my opinion.
Krusty, a good friend of mine is deaf, she has legitimate issues with electric vehicles when crossing the street or walking across parking lots. It's not a "loonie left" idea.
Fair enough.
Maybe I should say it is a big city folk idea, where everything has to make a bunch of noise, to be heard over everything else making a bunch of noise.
Meanwhile some hard of thinking folks get run over by trains, because they did not here them. They were listening to music. If I was hard of seeing or hearing, I think I would be very careful when near a road, or on a train track. Some things I would avoid completely.
But, if my memory is correct, it was some of the Big Owes more left leaning folks that proposed the idea.
The E vehicles on my Island do not have noise makers. Do you know what a clacker is?
Tyre noise is the most obvious for the cages, chain noise for many of the quiet bikes.
I realize some folks can not hear either.

Yes, Blind! Sorry, sometimes my dyslexia gets the best of me.:confused:
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