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YZF600r vs. ZZR600

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I have been riding dirt bikes since i can remember, and have been looking into street bikes. My friend just bought a 2007 yamaha yzf600r and plans to upgrade to a bigger bike next spring. I have been looking into the kawasaki zzr600, but he offered to sell me his yzf for $4000. I was just wondering if there is a big difference between the bikes or if i would be better off buying the used bike.. There is nothing wrong with the yzf just a little scrape.
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As long as you don't like the ZZR better, I'd say go for the YZF. I never buy new, you lose too much in depreciation, and you can get way nicer stuff for the same price.
I would also agree not to buy a new bike due to the depreciation of a bike off the lot. I have heard Kawasaki is a great trusted brand but so is the Yamaha. I own an R6 right now and I love it. I know lots of friends who have owned Yamaha and everyone hasn't had any problems. overall I would look into yours friends bike or any other used bike. be sure to ask if all the required maintenence has been performed on his bike for the first year of use. also ask a little more about the scrap... sometimes when a bike is dropped in motion it can screw up more things in the bike than just the plastic. these are just some things I have heard. good luck.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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