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hey guys i just needed some advice about my bike...

Last race i was thrashing my bike as usual and then i stalled mid-air, as i landed(very hard) i clutch started it, 2 laps later i noticed a lot of people overtaking me then realised my bike wasnt as fast. it was running as if i had my brakes held on. i dropped out of the race but when i held the clutch in, it idled and revved as normal so i just turned it off and left it at that. at home i stripped the 2 engine case cover and just checked that everything was ok on the shallow gears, and everything looked fine. i tried to kick it over and as i kicked it the kickstarter got more and more impossible to kick, i then rolled the engine backwards and the kickstarter was easy again???, im beggining to think this is a problem with the transmission or the clutch as a result from a harsh clutch start ??? please help , i really dont have the cash to be slogged another grand at the bike shop:S
1 - 2 of 3 Posts
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