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As the weather finally starts to look better it’s so tempting to just jump on the bike and go. Hold your horses a minute! There are a few things we need to consider before we start ‘er up.

1. (and most important) Is the bike mechanically sound and safe to ride?
Now is a good time to change the spark plugs and oil and drain out last year’s gas; check brake parts and replace if needed; check the lever action to make sure clutch and brake are in good working order; check tire wear and air pressure; make sure all lights are working properly; and make sure all fasteners, nuts, ties, clips, etc. are tight.

2. Is the road safe to ride on?
Make sure the ice and snow are melted; check for standing water; and be aware of pot holes, loose gravel and sand.

3. Are you ready for the ride?
Be sure you have the proper gear for the weather. The temperature may feel great while you’re standing still, but hypothermia can hit fast and hard at highway speeds. A good leather coat, chaps, gloves and a hat are the bare minimum this time of year and all states require some form of eye protection. A face mask is great for cold weather, too. Check the forecast and be aware of any additional gear you may need. March and April are notorious for sudden thunder storms and if you don’t have raingear, you’re gonna be miserable! This gear is available at Biker Babes Shop.

4. Now we’re just about ready. Check your mirrors, take a minute to remember the feel of the seat, start ‘er up and GO!

Ride safe, be smart, get there in one piece.
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