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Young Riders... Help!

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How did you convince your parents to let you get a motorcycle? Or better yet, to let you get a motorcycle...

My proposition I am thinking about putting out there is if I get straight A's for the entire year... Then next summer (ill be 3 months from turning 17, and will have had my regular license for 9 months) I can get a bike (Ill be the major person paying for it) and possibly have them help me out a bit financially, maybe with insurance....

But they are REALLY against it... I mean its not a biker family, but my dad is looking to get one and saying I cant!!! (he had one in college)... But he is saying its my maturaty level, and I dont blame him as I used to do downhill skateboarding and have looked into street luge seriously... So he is worried I'd be a speed freak, but really I like the adreneline but Im a ***** ;), and I think I'd be a fairly conservative rider...

Anyways, what do you guys think?

Any tips to persuede parents totally against motorcycles or minors with motorcycles, to let you get one? I mean I could wait till Im 18 but after a nice ride on the back of a Harley, I have the bug... BAD!

And I honestly think it would help push me to get those grades in school, I do best with positive reinforcement ;).
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be a good kid, also lower your adrenaline :)
I bought my bike with my own money, in fact I was old enough so no need to convince my parents.
If it were my kids wanting a bike I'd observe him/her, and if he/she was a hot head no way I'd approve.


Trust your parents judgement. They probably know you pretty well. Anybody willing to do street luge is not a wimp. ( I understood what you meant.) I was never able to convince my parents to allow me to ride. They knew me well. (I guess it was the 2 block burnouts in my GTO that did me in..) :eek: Anyway, wait till you're on your own, then the choice is yours. They only want you to make it to 21.
Rocksolid :cool:

18 is one thing... But do I really need to wait till 21?

I think Ill talk it over with them and I have yet to do any real street luge ;), but yeah Im not a speedfreak but I got into downhill sports... I mean I had a 325 dollar skateboard (thats a lot for a piece of wood) specially designed for speed and I would back off the speed at around 35-40 from fear, these are pretty slow speeds for many riders...

That could have been due to a crash into a dirt wall at 30mph and another that landed me in the hospital for a night ;)...

But I definetly think I would be a very safe motorcycle rider...

There is this 6-8 week thing we learned about in School this year, its a summer program to for community service in Mexico and other Central American and South American countries, its volunteer but is a great thing to have on a college app... I was going to work over the summer (to save up for a bike) but maybe I can convince them to help me out and get me riding sooner if I do it...

I am sure they would not mind me staying out of trouble, and it is a pretty cool looking experience, going to live with a family for 2 months!
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My Dad was 34 when he finally got his motorcycle. I started riding off road at 12, and when I was 16 got my license on a 125 street/trail that had a top speed of maybe 50-55. If you're going to ride at that age, see about a DR-200 or something totally tame to ease their fears.

Oh, and I wiped out twice that first year of riding. Put my arm in a sling the second time.

Don't make too big an issue of it, though. There will be plenty of time to ride after you're out on your own.
I was thinking about a ninja 250 to help ease them into the idea...

Still has the style I am looking for, its very cheap but wont be the fastest thing on the block... But then again the ninja 500 wouldnt be much harder to learn on and could last me a looonnggg time, were as the 250 would not be the greatest for highway use...

But thanks guys Ill see what I can talk them into :/... Of road riding, not sure whats around in my area but that sounds kinda cool... I mean there are some nice bikes that work on street and dirt, no?
I'm showing my age! 21 used to be considered adult. Now the age usually used is 18. Either way, if you are on your own, you can do what you want. If you let your parents put it in their name, it becomes theirs if you screw up. You can use that as a bargaining chip. My mom was the only one on the block who owned a 400 cu in GTO. I was real careful not to make them mad enough to take it away. (At least if I thought they could find out!)
Be real careful in Mexico. They don't hesitate to jail people, particularly Americans.
Luck to you,


18 is one thing... But do I really need to wait till 21?
Thanks, and I doubt the whole parents name thing would help would it? What do you mean by screw up? Like get in an accident?
The title thing worked in my case. Dunno about your folks though. As for screwing up, accidents and tickets would be high on my list. Really, anything seriously stupid would do it for me. (I have 2 sons.) Most kids are usually at least somewhat dependent till after some type of schooling, such as college or tech school . I wouldn't count on being totally independent at 18. You sound like a decent guy with nice folks. I hope they see fit to let you ride.
Ill consider it but if they wanted to remove my right to use it, trust me they wouldnt need legal reasoning to ;)...

So yeah I am going to use grades and possibly this mexican trip as leverage, hopefully more the trip then the grades as while I am confident I can get them, I would be pretty devasted if I couldnt get the bike, for say one missing assignment!

But I guess I just need to sit down, tell them the bike I am interested in (Kawasaki Ninja 250R) is affordable, and not a super fast sports bike.... Tell them about the safety gear I plan to wear every time I ride (atleast leather jacket, full face helmet and gloves but I am looking into full leathers and possibly riding boots, but usually I dont see sports bikers with big boots, or atleast I dont notice it, I usually wear skateboard brand shoes)....

Also I will tell them I will be the main person paying for all these goodies, but obviously would not mind some support financially....

Last I plan to drive to a very large parking lot that is 99 percent empty on weekends, and practice all kinds of things like braking while cornering, slalom, emergency braking, shifting... swerving etc... etc...

I just hope they will help me out as I have caught the motorcycle bug REAL bad... I really want to take the MSF course but I should probably wait till its a bit closer to when I would realistically get a bike, so when I get it everything is still fresh in my mind....
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I was one of those guys who didn't start riding until I was in my 30's. I had a young neighbor whose dad couldn't ride because he had back problems. His 16 year old and I had a ball out on the trails. Years later, my wife and I had a son, and one of my biggest pleasures in life was riding with him. I think your dad is really missing out if you both don't get bikes and go riding together. Now, my son is age 31 and has MS. It affects his eyesight, so he can't ride. We both miss riding together. Now, I'm age 67, have a brand new cruiser, and nobody around my home to ride with. Motorcycles are something that bonds a father and his son like nothing else. Now, it's years later, and every time we're together, we sit and laugh about all the crazy and stupid things we did together out on the trails. I would give almost anything for my son's eyesight to improve so we could take trips together. Now I have tears in my eyes, enough said.
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Im very sorry for your situation :/ atleast you spent a good number of years riding with him and can still share your "crazy and stupid" stories ;)...

Thats one thing I should find out, when my dad thinks he will be getting a bike... He is serious about it it seems, but obviously there is the mom/wife saying NOT GONNA HAPPEN! Now my 2,000 dollar bike is one thing but he is looking at spending over 30 grand on his cruiser! He rode back in college for a few years, year round in New York (COOOLLLDDD) on a 700 dollar Harley he picked up....

But he recently (as did I) got the bug again when a friend brought is Harley over, and took my dad, myself and my little sister around for a spin on the highway.... What a blast!!!
Oh and I meant he took each of us one at a time ;)... Three adult size males and a 10 year old girl on one bike :/!!!! Yikes ;)
Guys... Update on my situation... Talked briefly with mom about getting a permit sometime next year, I was thinking maybe begining of summer, or perhaps tax season (when I get all my income tax back :)...) but there are some issues...

My dad is still highly against me getting one, and at the least will not help at all finanically...

I am thinking I can get the bike for under $2000's, and then it shouldnt cost more then $500's to get all the rider gear, right? But then there is the motorcycle MSF course, and insurance!

So yeah first off my dad thinks he will have a bike within 6 months, I was thinking it might be fun to take the MSF course with him... So we will see how that goes...

Also, any ideas on how I can ride a bike on my dads insurane policy? First off it would be much cheaper and second, I dont think I could get one with just a permit and probably even until I am 18 and have a license... A license at under 18 still wont get me my own insurance by many companies.

Also I have a hobby of mine which I personally think I would enjoy motorcycle's more then, but it could definetly help me get into a good college... But it costs a LOT of money (I spend well over 2,000's a year)... I mean I could drop that and would have plenty of money for a bike, but the parents would be WAYYYY against that.... Any thoughts?

Last the reason I really like the idea of a bike is well first off I have a fascination with anything that rides in the open wind and you can tweak with add on parts... For example I am a big time longboard skateboard rider... While I have done downhill (speed) boarding, which would make me some like a speed freak, I currently enjoy low speed carving which would be very much similar to a relaxed ride on a windy road... I often will try new bearings, wheels with different types of grip properties etc.... to see how they effect the ride... But I am looking for something I can carry on like this in my lifetime (cant skateboard forever!), and well a motorcycle does that, and gives me affordable transportation and good gas mileage...

So ya, looks like I just need the $$$ and I am set :)
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I don't know what your hobby is to help you get into college, but think about this. Unless you go into a trade of some sort that everyone needs and is willing to pay good money for, college should be your number one priority at this point in your life. I didn't get my college degree until I was in my early 30's. I was tired of seeing young people going into management training positions and going right by me in salary, so I went to college to stop that. Work your butt off now on important things, meaning getting excellent grades in high school and getting a college degree. THEN, you can buy any bike you want with no problem because you'll have the money to do it. I'm not trying to rain on your parade, but I did it backwards just like you're trying to do, and it's not easy depending on everyone else. Look and dream - it's fun, too.

Hey, my wife is like your mom, she hates motorcycles, too. When she read your comments, she said, "Why don't you sell him yours?" Yeah, sure, in her wildest dreams! Take care.
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Good advice, TFee3. That's what I tell my students (I teach at the college level).

To jraice: OK, so you have some time between now and when you want to get your license. Take the time to show your parents that you're responsible enough to ride a bike. Don't get in trouble, at least where speed and the law is concerned. Keep your room clean. Don't BS your folks (we always know). Do well in school. If you can do all that boring ****, you can use it to convince them. Another caveat is you can tell them if you get a ticket, they can drop you from the insurance.
Thanks guys I am going to start saving up, and well as long as I do well in school and with my regular driving career (get my license next month) I think Ill be fine... Sometime next summer it should be fairly easy to pay for a bike and a bunch of goodies and also to make plenty over the summer to continue paying insurance....

And the hobby is model rocketry, now there is your model rocketry you may have taken your kids to the school to launch them up 500', and then there is my rocketry ;)...

Where we do things like this...

As you can see its expensive, and it could be that extra difference between me and the other 100,000 guys with my grades, trying to get into an engerneering school... It has also brought me contacts in NASA and a professor at Stanford University, which could clearly help.
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I used to fly big (6-foot) model planes, and I had a setup where they could shoot six AA-motor rockets from the wings. Was a lot of fun, until I shot my friend's new car. Made big dents, both in the car and my skull.
Ha that is awesome!

Yeah most people dont know they go this big....

Last June I saw a 365 pounder with an N motor and 3 M's ;)... Keep in mind each letter increase is a square larger then before.... So just a single M is like an AA motor to the 14th power! Now you have 3 of those and an N...
I don't know what your hobby is to help you get into college, but think about this. Unless you go into a trade of some sort that everyone needs and is willing to pay good money for, college should be your number one priority at this point in your life. I didn't get my college degree until I was in my early 30's. I was tired of seeing young people going into management training positions and going right by me in salary, so I went to college to stop that. Work your butt off now on important things, meaning getting excellent grades in high school and getting a college degree.
I just read that in the 70's, the salary difference between the average HS grad and the average College grad was 30%. Now it's 70%. That doesn't explain why I'm still broke at the end of every month, but it is motivation to get that degree.
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