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1 month warranty left = decision time!
Hi, You seem to have lots of experience with the Yamaha Whine so here's my question. Story 1st of course.
Just purchased a 2006 RSTD & have an annoying whine, seems to be similar to the clutch posts I've read. 1 month of warranty exists so I went to a local dealer & transfered the warranty to me. Also inquired about the clutch (I-Basket) situation. Long story short, Yamaha Tech Support acknowledges the issue & will do all I-Basket replacement free. Service man emphasized it would be warranted (1) time so if I'm still not satisfied = tough, & live with it because the whine will just be noticed at another RPM. Service man suggested not to change what the factory installed & accept the whine. Free is free but with a negative attitude on the part of the service man, well I'm wondering. Tried another RSTD & whine is the same. I'm also told the whine will not effect performance. So, choices are, 1. louder mufflers (already ordered) & wait to see if the sound overcomes the whine. Or 2. Plan B, have the free service done (seems like playing craps) no guarantee problem would be resolved? Thanks in advance,
Ron (Florida)
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