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Hooking that up would be easy enough, though it would help if you have a local friend who knows a bit about wiring, but if not we can get you through it most likely, and when your done you won't be useless with electricity any longer.

first just have to decide if you want the driving lights on with your high beams, on with your low beams, or on a separate switch. Local laws might guide you there but that's your decision.

Then you connect the ground wire (usually black) if it has one to a metal part of the bike or the ground on your headlight , and the wires for the lights to the correct wires on the original headlight bulb, you can test it by trying each to find out which is which or if you find a wiring diagram online post it and I'll tell you which color to hook it up for whichever you want. If you want a switch buy one at the auto parts store, they can help you out, and then connect it to a wire that comes on with your bike's key, again you can find that on a wiring diagram for your bike.

The turn signals you would just use the wires from your existing turn signals, if they are running lights too ( dim and bright) then you also need to find a wire that comes on with the ignition.

I’ve got a 1996 virago 535 and I want to get this triple head light for it but how would I install it I’m useless with electrics, what would I need? And how would I do it? Thanks link here to what I want so you can see it
1 - 1 of 5 Posts
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