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Ok here is the full story...

I bought this 1995 XJ600 on ebay and it would start and idle but the second you touch the throttle it would die. Then after some new gas and in tank carb cleaner it would idle and I could rev it to about 3000 RPM then it would die.

Took the carbs apart and cleaned them so now I could rev it to red line but got low exhaust from the left side pipes. Also If I ride the bike it bogs down as soon as I give it gas.

Found a screw not mentioned in the repair manual or seen in the shop diagrams but when adjusted out it seemed to alow more gas flow to the far left carb and now exhaust is strong and even from both sides BUT It seems to be running too rich and bogs down when put in gear and ridden.

In summary here is what I know.

1. Carbs are clean
2. All plugs have spark
3. When not in gear I can rev the bike up to redline
4. In gear the bike bogs down and seems to run too rich.
5. This screw adjustment seems to control gas flow to the inside and outside carbs but not the center carbs? - What is this screw and what does it adjust?

Please help this bike is making me crazy

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1) Don't turn screws if you don't know what they do. It sounds like you are WAY out of synch.
2) You may THINK your carbs are clean. I've been doing carbs for many years and can't tell you how many times I've had carbs off more than once.
3) If you get up against a brick wall and need to send 'em me.
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