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Several years ago, I did a solo ride down the GRR with the intent of riding to St. Louis to see the Gateway Arch. (Heavy storms in that area made me pull up short and come back, but that's a different story)

Anyway, on the way back up the river I stopped in Galena, IL for the night and while checking into the hotel I started talking to a couple that came in a Goldwing.

Turns out they were from the town I was born in and new my aunt and uncle, so we decided to meet for dinner
While having the meal we were amazed that they had planned to do the same trip to see The Arch and had also turned around because of the bad weather. We just happened to pull into the same motel within minutes of each other after basically following the same roads down and back.

"Small world" is sometimes a cliché for a reason
1 - 1 of 5 Posts
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