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first was hearing a sizzling noise near starter solenoid. replaced it, now cant get a turnover. I may have to replace wiring harness. As to test its continuity, I have to remove the harness, but don't want to unless absolutely necessary. I got a new battery, checked fuses, still cannot start up. Any suggestions?
You should probably go to the New Member section and introduce yourself. You will be more welcomed than someone just asking for help. That said, it's been my experience that the sizzling noise you described usually happens when some type of electrical component burns up. That's why people say the part "fried" I would visually inspect the area near where the noise was heard looking for burnt rectifiers, etc. Sometimes you will even be able to smell something burnt. This would be my first step before tearing apart things. Is the entire bike such as lights and other indicators dead or is it just not turning over? Let us know what you find.
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