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I removed and cleaned the carbs. Removed all jets, carb cleaner, blah blah.
Found idle enrichment passages plugged and some varnish on the main jet screens. Got the idle passages clean enough to pass carb cleaner spray, but not completely clear.
Liquid checked float levels and all good.
Checked valve clearances and "bang on".
No obstructions in gas line.
Choke seats fine when off (not sticking open)
It does run somewhat better .
Bike starts fine cold with no choke. Over 2000 rpm decent power.
Little missing at 6000-8000 rpm, but not bad.

BIG hesitation from 1000-2000rpm that gets worse as bike warms.
After riding for half hour, The idle jumps from 600 to 3000 and back and forth.
It's very difficult to get rolling as it wants to stall until I run high revs.
Cruising along at 2000 or higher rpm is fine, but if I stall it, she won't start for an hour.
Then barely starts when I crank with wide open throttle.

It seems I am running too rich, especially at low rpm. I removed the air filter and that seemed to help a little. Removed some air flow resistance and negative pressure in the carb, thus drawing less gas ?
engine was rebuilt before I bought it and air filter is stock.
Is there a transitional jet or metering orifice in the carbs that manage the low idle to mid range that I need to adjust ? Why does it get worse when engine gets hot ?

I am fairly mechanically inclined, but can't see the fix on this one. Maybe carb sync ? I dont think a cleaner carb enrichment passage will help since the bike starts OK cold.
My mechanic says "nothing to adjust on the bike that will help". I'm thinking try the Forums AND find a new mechanic ??

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I'm thinking you still have some gunk in the carb. Like a sticking needle which when hot gets worse. An ultrasonic cleaning might help too.
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