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Hey Guys,

I'm looking for my first bike. Interested in naked/classic bikes around 250-500cc displacement, for a tall rider. Does NOT have to be fast, just has to be running and cheap to maintain. Cosmetic issues are okay.

Ideally I'd like to do a straight trade for my handmade AK.

When I say "handmade," I mean it. Starting with an American barrel, a friend and I turned the barrel down ourselves to 13.3" and pinned and welded an SRVV Jet Brake that took 3 months to get from Russia. We shaved down just enough to bring it to the bare minimum legal length of 16.1". We added a Krebs Custom UFM Rail, and machined out a slot for the front sight to align directly with the KeyMod rail. We installed a G2 Trigger Pack and retaining plate. We drilled and tapped the receiver for a Pignose adapter, and fitted it with an M16 buffer tube and a MagPul CTR. It's equipped with a Bullet Button for California use.

All in all, it's a special rifle that shoots like a champ and has barely any recoil thanks to the Russki brake.

Due to the nature of the trade, we should restrict this to local deals only, I think. I'm in 90046. If you need verification of my trading rep, I'm on Calguns as Inquirer, where I have a 100% transaction rating.

Thanks for looking!
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