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Today we noticed that in our firestorm the rectifier would overheat within minutes after starting the bike and sitting idle. Looks like we need a replacement. Unfortunately there aren't any to be found. There are Honda CBR600F rectifiers. It would be helpful if someone could confirm if it would work on the VTR.

P.S: The local ad for the CBR rectifier says it supports the following bikes

Aprilia MXV 4.5 2009-2011
Aprilia RXV 4.5 2009-2011
Aprilia RXV 5.5 2009-2011
Aprilia SXV 4.5 2009-2011
Aprilia SXV 5.5 2009-2011
Honda CBR600F Super Sport 1991-2000
Honda CBR600F2 Super Sport 1991-1994
Honda CBR600F3 Super Sport 1995-1998
Honda CBR600F4 1999-2000
Honda CBR900RR Fireblade 1993-1999
Honda CBR900RR A/AC Fireblade 1993-1999
Honda PC800 Pacific Coast 1989-1998
Honda PC800 A/AC Pacific Coast 1989-1998
Honda VT750C Shadow Ace Deluxe 1998-1999
Honda VT750C A/AC/AB Shadow Ace Deluxe 1998-2000
Honda VT750CD Shadow Ace Deluxe 1998-2004
Honda VT750CD A/AB/AC Shadow Ace Deluxe 1998-2000
Honda VT750CD2 A/AB/AC Shadow Ace Deluxe 1998-2000
Honda CB400F A/AC 1989-1990
Honda CB 600F Hornet 2004-2007
Replace OEM Part#:
Honda 31600-MV-4-000, 31600-MY7-305, 31600-KFG-861, 31600-KPJ-670, 31600-MV4-010, 31600-KBG-008, 31600-MV4-000, 31600-KY2-702, 31600-KY2-703
Aprilia AP9100424
Shindengen SH633-12, SH638-12, SH632, SH633, SH639

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I have found that most 12v RRs will work on most bikes. My Aprilia RR toasted itself two years ago. An OEM one was $150USD. I scrolled through an online market place for a 12v RR which had the same connectors as mine. I found one for a Honda for $30USD.

When it arrived I had to swap around one wire. It even had the exact shape and mounting holes as my original. It's been in the bike for two years now without a problem. I bought a second one as a back up in case this one failed. The second one is still in it's box in my little workshop.

You could buy the one for the CBR 600 - you might just have to swap out the connectors from your old one to your new one. The fact that it fits so many models tells me that it's generic except for the connectors.

Many years ago my Ducati 860GTe's RR died. None available locally. After talking to a mate who worked in a boat shop, I ended up fitting an Evinrude V6 (I think) outboard's RR - worked fine. I just had to make a little copper heat sink for it.
Thanks, I think I will end up buying the 600 one as there aren't any available locally. Will put an update on how it went.

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If you check Flips link - the RR should fit your bike. The Firestorm was also called SuperHawk I believe.

Yes its called the SuperHawk in the US I believe.
I have placed an order on the 600 one as its easier for me. Should be here in a couple of days.
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