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Good (insert time of day) ladies and gents,

I am hoping to find someone who has worn a 3XL Shoei RF1100 and has replaced the helmet with something updated? Perhaps even a modular.
Luckily I was blessed with a large head full of knowledge and sarcasm however what I've found now that my current Shoei is at the end of its' life cycle is that I'm struggling to find a newer replacement. Shoei has discontinued the RF1100 all except for the 3XL which means I can replace what I have with another but I thought I'd see if anyone here has bought something different after using a 3XL. I've gone to my local m/c store and tried on HJC up to a 5XL and it doesn't fit well (chin rests against the chin guard and it is a tight squeenze. Sadly it would appear that not all helmet sizes that advertise a size actually seems to be that size. I've also tried a 3XL in an LS2 helmet (challenger) and it too did not fit well.

I've been looking at a Schubert C4 Pro but a local shop on the mainland ( I live on an island ) suggested a Neotec II in a 2XL stating that they fit big on the head.

Any ideas or recommendations from personal experience would be great. Trying to stick with a full face or modular.
1 - 2 of 5 Posts
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