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Good (insert time of day) ladies and gents,

I am hoping to find someone who has worn a 3XL Shoei RF1100 and has replaced the helmet with something updated? Perhaps even a modular.
Luckily I was blessed with a large head full of knowledge and sarcasm however what I've found now that my current Shoei is at the end of its' life cycle is that I'm struggling to find a newer replacement. Shoei has discontinued the RF1100 all except for the 3XL which means I can replace what I have with another but I thought I'd see if anyone here has bought something different after using a 3XL. I've gone to my local m/c store and tried on HJC up to a 5XL and it doesn't fit well (chin rests against the chin guard and it is a tight squeenze. Sadly it would appear that not all helmet sizes that advertise a size actually seems to be that size. I've also tried a 3XL in an LS2 helmet (challenger) and it too did not fit well.

I've been looking at a Schubert C4 Pro but a local shop on the mainland ( I live on an island ) suggested a Neotec II in a 2XL stating that they fit big on the head.

Any ideas or recommendations from personal experience would be great. Trying to stick with a full face or modular.

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All I can say about Schuberts is to me they run very small. Meaning, if they make one that would fit, it have to be something in the 7XL range. Their size chart suggested a Large should work for me. But even in a modular, I couldn't get one on. Let alone wear it for a couple hours. I'm not even sure a 2XL would have worked. It was just that tight. I only tried one from Revzilla so I couldn't risk multiple returns. So I just don't know how much larger I would have had to go. I went with a Nolan since I knew how it would fit and a Large worked. You might be forced into your known model. So good luck. Normally I get helmets from my local dealer. But he didn't care either of the brands I wanted and it was he that suggested to go online. He knows I try to use him first anyway so he wasn't worried about losing me as a customer. My point in mentioning this is, try to find a local source if you can. You'll be happier in the long run and will help keep these mom and pops in business.

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I have the same problem having an overly large, brain filled cranium, that is impossible to find a nice, comfortable helmet for:surprise:

I have been in Motorcycle shops that had maybe 200 helmets on display and the 'smalls' and the 'XL's' felt the same to me and the absolute largest size was very tight!:crying:

The one I have now, a full face type, I have removed all the interior linnings and carved down the styrofoam so that the shell fits me.:wink2:

Bell used to many, many years ago take custom orders for massive helmets but they don't offer them anymore.:sad:


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I used to own a Bell full face, and a Shoei open face. I now own a Shoei full face, and a Shoei open face. The fit of the open face, feels the same as the one I had many years ago. If you find something that you like, and it fits, and it has a Snell sticker, I would stick with it. I also have some other brands of helmets. I like to use a specific helmet for each bike.
I have found that some of the thin foam stuffing falls apart after a while. On one helmet I removed all the powdery pieces, and replaced it with a type of neoprene rubber, with the sticky back.

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