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Hello all. First time owner, new forum member. I'm trying to do research on wireless speakers for helmets, and I know I don't have to tell any of you that there is no shortage of options! So, I'd like to solicit your opinions. Here's what I'd like to end up with. I mainly commute, with some weekend cruising. Not much group rides (yet, at least), so comms to other riders is not a must. So, what I am looking for is:

-Internal speakers (slots in the helmet)
-Completely wireless connections - 95% of my usage will be through my phone for tunes and GPS.
-Voice activation/control would be ideal.

If you have this setup and have a music app you like, please let me know which one you use! I am an Android guy, so please keep that in mind.

Thanks a ton in advance!

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One of our members recently posted a review of a helmet communicator: Simple Amazon Intercom | Motorcycle Forum.

When it comes to big name brands, two stand out: Sena and Cardo. For rider-to-rider communication, Sena pairs nicely with Sena and Cardo pairs nicely with Cardo (as one would expect). All of them, even most of the off brands, have what they call universal pairing so they can pair up with other brands. This tends to be clunky and can interfere with other functions (such as the Bluetooth pairing to your phone/GPS/whatever).

I use a Sena, an obsolete model SMH5. It comes with small round speakers that I installed in the ear pockets in my full-face helmet, and a small stick-on microphone that I put inside the helmet's chin bar. It pairs nicely with my Android phone and gives me navigation prompts from Waze and Google Maps. If I press one button on the Sena control unit on the side of my helmet it launches Google Assistant and I can use voice commands. I also listen to audio books using various apps on my phone. Taking and making phone calls is pretty simple, and people I'm talking to cannot even tell I'm riding, even when I'm going 70 mph down the highway.

I always wear ear plugs when I ride (Ear Peace brand) and I have no trouble hearing the sound from the Sena speakers.

I tried listening to music but the sound quality from those small speakers is far from hi-fi (bass is non-existent). Some of the Cardo units advertise good sound quality, but I've never heard one myself. Poor audio quality seems to be a common theme; these things are made for voice.

You might try a good small set of Bluetooth ear buds paired to your Android phone instead. That will give you everything except the rider-to-rider communication.
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