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Hi all,

This place is confusing. I'm just learning my way around, but there are posts I have made that have disappeared and reappeared, and now have disappeared again. Or at least I can't find them.

Anyway, I have an '09 Suzuki M50 Boulevard (VZ800) and I have a really cool-looking factory Boulevard windshield but not the mounting bracket. The mount is not sold separately by Suzuki, only as a kit if you buy the windshield.

I posted a week or so ago, asking if anyone might have a mount, and somebody replied, but I can't find the post or the reply. Or maybe I imagined it all. So I'm trying again, if anyone has an idea where I can get that please let me know. There's an aftermarket windshield on the bike, and I can make adapters to mount the factory windshield onto those fork clamps, but the OEM mount would be infinitely better. Anyone?
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