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Wind Blew My Bike Over

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Today in the Wash, DC area (Northern VA) we had 50-60 MPH wind gusts and my bike got blown over while I was at work. The only visible damage is on the right handlebar end that got scuffed up a little bit. The bike is a 2018 Honda CB500F but I'm not really worried about visible damage honestly...I just want to be sure nothing else is affected.

The one thing I did notice is when I go to lock the handlebars (when you press the key down into the ignition and turn it all the way to the left) I have to turn the bars just very slightly to the right to get the key to lock. Before the fall, I could just have the wheel turned all the way to the left and I could lock the ignition. Now if I have the front wheel turned all the way to the left the key won't turn completely left to lock the ignition and handlebars...I have to turn the wheel a tiny, tiny bit to the right to get the key to turn.

So I'm think something must have gotten turned or twisted when the bar end hit the pavement. Any thoughts or opinions if anything is damaged internally? Thanks very much.
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I think people error on the side of make it perfect if you can. To me, eyeballing is good enough. But I'd tighten things a little as well.
Thanks again for all of your comments and advice, I really appreciate everyone's time and expertise!

I took a second look at the bike just now and I can see that the right handlebar is about 3/4"-1" higher than the left so that definitely needs to be addressed. Since all the impact was on the right bar end that would make sense. Visually the forks seem parallel but I'm going to measure them tomorrow when I have better light. I also made an appointment with the dealer but they can't check the bike out until 4/30 (they're swamped since it's the beginning of the season). I called another Honda dealer and they were backed up until 5/10. No big deal, however, since I mostly only ride on the weekends.

For the next gale storm I'm definitely going to use some of Uncle Krusty's tricks or just lay it on its side on top of some blankets.

I'll definitely update this thread after the dealer checks the bike out on 4/30. Progressive said this would be covered by my policy so it looks like I'm in good shape.

Just wish there was some place I could rent a bike for a few weekends. Gotta get online and find a dealer having a demo day or something! Thanks again for all of your help, you guys are great.
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If you just leave the cover off it's unlikely to get blown over, it's the surface area of the cover that does it.
Why rent, you can ride the bike till you bring it in for service, as long as it rides straight you should be fine with the slightly tweaked handlebar that you found until you can fix it.
It鈥檚 never happened but I鈥檝e worried about wind blowing my bike over. I try to park between two fairly large vehicles in a parking lot, especially on windy days.
When you get a heavier bike you won't have to worry about being blown over. I've yet to see a wind strong enough to push over my Goldwing. I avoid tornadoes like the plague.
Thanks again for the additional comments and advice. I'm definitely taking the cover off the next time we get a gale warning. Seriously considering laying it on it's side, too. We shall see.

I should have taken the advice to just ride it until the appointment on April 30th. This is two weekends in a row without being able to ride and it's the pits!

Maybe I could use this as an excuse to upgrade. I have six months and 2,300 miles on the CB500F and I already want something with a bit more torque. Wouldn't mind an MT-07, SV650, or Z650 as a replacement.

Anyway, thanks again. Will let you all know what the dealer says on the 30th!
Whatever you ride, if the wind does not blow it over, Gregory John Chisholm will knock it over with his 001 Chev Caval. Happened to Noddy today. Cost of the body panels may be worth more than the bike, so the insurance company might right it off. I am waiting to find out.

Hey Everyone:

Thanks so much again for all of the great advice. I got the bike back today and the damage is pretty bad. The frame is bent beyond repair and they recommended totaling it. Progressive agreed and they're FedEx-ing a check for $78,000 (the value of the bike) so I can go buy a new BMW HP-4 Race this weekend.

Okay, that last part after "I got the bike back today" is a joke. :smile_big:

The damage is actually all cosmetic (scratches on the muffler cover, rear brake pedal, and right handlebar end). They said the bike is aligned correctly and safe to ride but to me it still feels and looks like the handlebar is slightly higher on the right side. I'm not going to fix any of this even though it would only cost about $300-$350. There's always the chance it will get blown over again or dropped so I think I'll get this all addressed when and if I sell the bike.

Anyway, I've come up with a plan that might make it harder for the bike to get blown over and was wondering what you all thought. What if I took a wheel chock and bolted it to a heavy board about 4' X 4' wide and 2" thick then just parked my bike in that whenever the next gale warning comes along? I'm thinking it would take a lot more wind to lift that board off the ground. I could even set a few sandbags or other heavy objects on top of it. I wouldn't use it every day...only when the winds are really bad.

Thoughts? Thanks again for everyone's help and advice. The weekend is looking kind of wet but I'm hoping to get a ride in Saturday if we can dodge the showers for half the day.
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