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When Robert Warren was diagnosed with a life-threatening illness, he used his downtime to design
one wicked Sportster.

We often take things like our good health for granted. Until, that is, we don’t have it anymore. But a few brave souls are more than willing to make lemonade
out of bad situations like health scares. That includes Robert Warren, owner and operator of Warren’s Customs. A little while back, Warren was diagnosed
with a serious, potentially life-threatening illness. Which meant he had to spend an inordinate amount of time in the hospital. But instead of sitting around sulking
about his situation, he used that time to plan out his next build – this wicked custom Harley Sportster, as he explained in this video from Bike Shed Motorcycle Club.

“I built the bike for my son, Jordan,” Warren said. “Basically, I designed the bike while I was in the hospital. Sort of, you know, gave me something to think
about during treatment. It started off as a 1200 Sportster. Basically, everything has been changed from the front to the back. It’s my own design and construction.
Everything’s been made by me – all the machining, welding. It kept me going throughout the whole illness.”


Inspiring, indeed. And the results of all of Warren’s long hours of planning and hard work is a pretty incredible Sportster. Since it was actually built to compete
at the Malle Mile race in London, it’s also quite functional. The goal from the start was to shed as much weight as possible, and now it tips the scales at just
under 397 pounds. It’s also been fitted with an RMZ 450 front end and an Öhlins rear. “Once you get it in a corner, it just goes,” Warren notes.


The Sportster rolls on stainless-steel spoke wheels and knobby motocross tires. A 450 Suzuki front hub and Brembo brakes are also quite functional upgrades,
as is the custom-built fiberglass bodywork. All of the supporting aluminum parts, including the skid plate, clutch bracket, and more are all hand made as well.
The result is a Harley that is equally capable of winning races and taking home trophies at motorcycle shows. And that’s certainly not something you see every day.


Obviously, Jordan is impressed by what his dad was able to accomplish in the face of major adversity. “I’m really proud of him,” he said. “How he had the project in mind.
And as soon as he got out of the hospital and out of his first treatment he just plowed on with his projects.” To us, this is just another great reminder that when life gives
you lemons, you make lemonade. Or, a pretty cool custom Sportster.

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Now that looks like it would be a blast to ride. Very well done as a dirt bike.
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Beautiful bike and the running characteristics of the big Sportster engine works great in an adventure bike platform. 4 stroke engines with their low and mid range torque makes for great unending traction.

45 years ago, I was hauling arse on a local TT and short track in Long Beach, Calif, riding my CZ 250, when a bike just shot past me on the straights and it was a guy I actually knew that had just built his Ironhead Sporty into a cool looking track bike, with huge knobby tires, larger rear sprocket, Cornutt rear shocks, dual foam air filters, 2 into one SuperTrapp exhaust, motocross bars and a plastic gas tank!

He would leave all of us riding our 250 and 350 2 strokes on the straights but the CZ's and Bultaco Pursangs would catch and pass him on every turn---I know because I had both of those bikes and they were famous for their good handling.

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