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Why do I keep going down?

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Well I did it again tonight! I fell down for my 8th time now!!! I’ve only been riding for maybe 6 months or so and have fallen down 8 times now and I can’t figure out why I keep falling? I feel like I’m a good rider I really do but for some reason I keep falling down.! Tonight I was driving around a gas station store and a car came around the other side kinda fast so I guess I pulled the front break while making the turn and like always I was on the ground! I must have the best luck ever because I have never been seriously injured actually in all but one of my falls I’ve jumped back up and rode off with out a scratch on my body! I’m just confused on why I keep falling down? If anyone has any ideas on why I’d love to hear them. Thanks in advance!
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I hope he didn't give up nor get hurt .

Maybe he was a bit embarrassed .
I've taught a lot of people to ride over the years and I've found that there are three types....
1. Those who are naturals and "get it" right away.
2. Those who take a bit more time, listen to what I tell 'em, and eventually become good riders.
3. Those who don't belong on a bike at all.
I've known all three.
Maybe he's number 3?
Time to let this one die.
Why does he keep going down?
'Cause he's a lousy rider?
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