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Lots of good advice so far. I would add that routinely practicing braking by starting with the rear brake and then applying the front brake would make you a better rider. Using the rear brake shifts weight onto the front wheel making it less likely to lock up that front wheel if the rear is already being applied firmly. And at very low speeds, such as in a parking lot, try not to use the front brake at all. Also, at slow speed it is more of a challenge to be looking far ahead rather than down at the ground right in front of you. But keeping your focus toward the horizon will go a long way to keeping you upright on your bike. Practicing very slow riding is a very worthwhile activity. Anyone can twist the throttle and go fast. A skilled rider is one who can keep the bike upright without touching your feet to the ground at very slow speeds. Don't get too discouraged and just keep working at it and you will see real improvement (assuming your bike is mechanically okay).
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