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I'm a newbie for street riding. I did a little bit of it on a street legal dirtbike 30 years ago, but as far as regular riding on public roads, that just started happening this summer now that I'm in my mid 50s.

I agree that If somebody frequently falls off their bike during low-speed tight turning or stopping it is probably due to front wheel lock.

y experience in the dirt tells me that if I lock the front wheel during any sort of turn or cornering, I'm going down 95% of the time and it will usually happens so fast there's nothing I can do to even try to correct it.

But a spinning or locked-and-sliding back tire will often leave me upright long enough to try to address the problem. ( sometimes successfully, sometimes not, but it's not like you blink and instantly you're pressing your cheek to the gravel and looking at the world sideways.)
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