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Why do I keep going down?

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Well I did it again tonight! I fell down for my 8th time now!!! I’ve only been riding for maybe 6 months or so and have fallen down 8 times now and I can’t figure out why I keep falling? I feel like I’m a good rider I really do but for some reason I keep falling down.! Tonight I was driving around a gas station store and a car came around the other side kinda fast so I guess I pulled the front break while making the turn and like always I was on the ground! I must have the best luck ever because I have never been seriously injured actually in all but one of my falls I’ve jumped back up and rode off with out a scratch on my body! I’m just confused on why I keep falling down? If anyone has any ideas on why I’d love to hear them. Thanks in advance!
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@ Burk ~ are you still with us ? .

The Suzuki weighs 611 pounds and that's a LOT plus the steering angle makes it not easy to handle at low speeds .

However, you're obviously keen to learn and improve so listen to (much of) the advice given here, lots of long time riders and heavy bike operators too .

Basically, keep at it and as soon as the wheels are turning you feet need to be on the pegs or floorboards as this helps you balance .

I agree you prolly just used too much front brake in the turning situation, it could have been far worse like clamping the front brake hard in a high speed turn or in the rain....

FWIW, I'm the most graceless person I have ever met yet I learned how to ride and am still riding 50 + years later and still loving it .

Good on you for wearing a leather jacket, there are also good Ballistic Nylon jackets that won't cook you to death in Summer heat, helmets are mandatory at all times ~ your head only needs a slight bonk to kill you or worse turn you into a vegitable on the 7th foor who can't talk, can't walk, can't even take a dump without help and 50 years of life ahead of you....

Don't be afraid but DO BE AWARE ! yes, the other drivers are often trying to kill you .

With freedom comes great responsibility .

Maybe post some pix of your bike ? I googled it and they look nice to me, I'm a Cruiser typ .

I don't think anyone remembered to say : WELCOME, NEWBIE ! .
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'BALANCE ISSUES' ~ Yes ! I have only 36% of my hearing left and because of inner ear damage have had balance issues since child hood .

I stumble and fall or bump into things endlessly but you can overcome this .

Remember : the wheels of your bike act like a gyroscope so keep your feet up and keep practicing .
"As does the running engine add gyroscope effect. " ~ this depends on the way the crankshaft is oriented .

In the main, the single most important issue here is : PRACTICE and PAY ATTENTION as clueless, cell phone texting or simply plain old envious and angry cage drivers can and will kill you if they get the chance .

Riding Motocycles keep you brain sharp because you have to juggle multiple sensory inputs faster....
Actually yes ~ I've been riding BMW AirHeads since 1979 and just blipping the throttle causes then to try and tip over .

Their fantastic basic balance and super low center of gravity means they're rather hard to drop and rather easy to stand still with both feet up but facts and physics are just that .

FWIW, anyone here who's never seen a trials rider do their thing, GO WATCH IN PERSON .

I wish I could ride that well , I'm certain it'd make my regular riding much easier .
I hope he didn't give up nor get hurt .

Maybe he was a bit embarrassed .
Wow ~ so much experience here yet some much negativity too .

FWIW, putting your foot down when the bike is moving often means : broken ankle so think really hard before using our feet as outriggers .

So says the guy who learned how to ride in the snow by doing just that :rolleyes: .

I know for a fact that some were born not to ride but those will be weeded out, no need to be rude .

In my youth I drained most og my high school buddies mom's to drive cars, I tried to teach some buddies to ride Motos but realized that's a very different thing, the teacher really needs to be trained as such .

Now I offer to pay for proper training and oddly enough no one ever takes me up on it although they'd cheerfully try learning if I showed them ~ I'm well aware of the bad riding habits I've gained over 50 plus years of riding and having seen too many deaths and crippling injuries I don't want that responsibility .
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Just so ! .

Remember to give a woman or child a ride soon not a fast & scary one, just set a lifetime memory....
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Jeezo-Peezo this can be a tough crowd ! ;) .

I don't see anything wrong with beating a dead horse.....

Please excuse me whilst I go yell at some clouds .

You're on your way, just keep practicing until you're confident .
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"Practice rides" .

yes, in fact every single one should be but too many get complacent .

Me included .

I tend to practice my swerving abilities by waiting until the last moment before riding over metal plates and man hole covers, this likely saved my life in 1976 in Guatemala City when I was riding my 1937 Harely-Davidson KnuckleHead too fast in dense traffic....

A BIG square open manhole appeared as I came 'round a bus, whew that one was close .
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Not all of us have the mad riding skills you do good Sir ;) .

As far as that old Harley, I'll never forget one night in the pissing down rain going steeply up hill over greasy cobble stones, the road slanted down to my right and at the top was of course, a red light o_O .

It was a foot clutch bike with the clutch pedal on the left, high side, I still don't know how the hell I didn't drop the bike

I remember watching news reels in the 1960's of guys riding trials on Trumpets, BSA's and so on, it looked really difficult and I wondered how the hell they defied gravity .

Then in the 1970's I watched a Trails demonstration of a guy on a GasGas, how he managed to ride from the ground to the roof of a new Ford Econoline van I'll never know but Trails is IMO the best and hardest riding there is .

I'm pretty sure most riders with a few years under their belts have stories like I do of this and that, no idea how I did it much less didn't crash, drop the bike, hit that car turning in front of me and so on
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Well ;

The deal was : I was at a dead standstill on a sharp upslope that also tilted down to my right.....

It was pouring rain (like Asia for the Vets here) and after dark, blah blah blah.....

That was a fun bike , it went lickity split .
Burk ;

Not to worry ! . it takes time, relax and enjoy learning .

Anytime it stops being fun, part it awhile .

@ Shiverguy :

What the hell is that thing supposed to do ?! .
Wow ~ something like that in the U.S.A. would be the base for a very expen$ve lawsuit....
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Just so you don't feel all alone :

1972, I was young and in perfect health, riding with my buddy I pulled my freshly waxed 1965 Harley-Davidson Pan Head into the Mohawk filling station on a glorious Saturday afternoon, there were two well endowed girls sitting in a Triumph convertible as I pulled up to the pump, stopped and put my right foot down .

....Into a big puddle of spilled gasoline, this is like greased glass and no matter how mightily I tried I couldn't stop the bike from slowly rolling over onto it's right side .

My buddy and the girls all collapsed into wild laughter, I'm sure I turned beet red , they drove off laughing and that was that .

I'm going to try and enroll my 15Y.O. grandson, he likes riding with me .
August 23rd, 2022 ~ Why did I get a notice of new reply here ? .
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