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Well I did it again tonight! I fell down for my 8th time now!!! I’ve only been riding for maybe 6 months or so and have fallen down 8 times now and I can’t figure out why I keep falling? I feel like I’m a good rider I really do but for some reason I keep falling down.! Tonight I was driving around a gas station store and a car came around the other side kinda fast so I guess I pulled the front break while making the turn and like always I was on the ground! I must have the best luck ever because I have never been seriously injured actually in all but one of my falls I’ve jumped back up and rode off with out a scratch on my body! I’m just confused on why I keep falling down? If anyone has any ideas on why I’d love to hear them. Thanks in advance!
Is it possible you also have some balance issues?

There are just so many factors it's hard to narrow it down without riding with you.
Some rookie mistakes are:
On pavement stay in the left tire lane, not the center of the lane where there may be oil from cars.
Stopping too quickly - heavy handed on the front brake.
Pulling the front brake without letting off the gas - as they are on the same control hand. it happens.
- this one is even worse on Dirt, because the front wheel is stopping while gas is still spinning the back wheel.
Turning the wheel as you come to a stop or while moving too slow.

The most important thing to remember is to keep the bike as straight as possible when stopping and for now, maybe both feet should be out.

As you get better, the general rule is to only put only the left foot down, leaving the bike in first gear and the right foot on the rear brake.
That allows you to be always ready to get away and the right foot on the brake for hill starts.
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