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HEY! From PA. Happy Birthday to me! I look good on top of a lot of things, no exception here. Just got a great deal (some say I stole it) on a 2013 Honda Shadow Aero 750 with under 4,000 miles and fully serviced. I'm not your typical female, they grow 'em big in farm country to (wo)man handle the stubborn ton and a half bulls(hit) and it didn't slow this thing down a bit. And I don't ride bitch! Let's call it a trust issue and leave it at that. It's a Honda so while you H-D owners are here troubleshooting and busting knuckles wrenching, I'll be anywhere/everywhere else. See you in about 50,000 miles or so! 馃憢

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Welcome from Kansas!

This ought to be good!

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WELCOME ABOARD the site, and...

Good looking bike by the way. You really can't go wrong with a Honda. But will the Harley bug bite you later??? Only time will tell. It did bite me. I corrected it though.:D
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