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Who rides a Buell?

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Does anyone know anything about this brand? Where's it made? How long has it been around? What's their best model? Tell us about a photo of yours.
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Well I guess the Buell came out while I was out of bikes and when I got back in there they were. Are they Italian? I've had a couple Honda in-line 750's and they are fast and more important...they are smooth. But this Buell sounds very interesting. I hope to get to ride one & find out what they're like.
Italian.......? Noooo, they are, quite frankly AMERICAN IRON, the brainchild of racer Erik Buell, the fledgling Buell Motorcycle Company's assets were purchased by Harley Davidson in the early '90s and the first Buell/Harley venture was the S1 Lightning, a radical looking naked hooligan bike, followed by the the S2/S3 Thunderbolt and on to the M2 Cyclone....built around the venerable Sportster 1203cc motor, the powerplant quickly evolved from 71 HP to 101 HP in a few short years. These bikes were based on Erik's "Trilogy of Technology" featuring low CG, lower unsprung weight, and a host of other innovations. Erik's vision was to build an AMERICAN sportbike that could compete with the best of the Japanese warriors which were dominating racing. In 2002, the radically different XB series was born featuring closed-loop fuel injection, oil in the swingarm and fuel in the frame. For a little more history, visit or
In short, I own/ride one....among others. I have a '99 M2 Cyclone with full Buell race kit, Mikuni HSR42 flat-slide, Andrews N8 cams and other assorted goodies.
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As for the photos........I'll post some once I can figure out how to reduce the size to an acceptable level
I like the buells too. Whats up with the clear tanks I see on some? Is there any setback in having this?
The transparent tank (available on the City Cross) is not a "tank" at all...rather an airbox cover,. The fuel tank on all the XB models is the double-walled box frame. Incidently, the swingarm also serves as an oil tank on the XBs as well. The last production year to use the tank as a tank was 2002 (with the exception of the Blast)
its a harley sportbike where can you go wrong,
The only place you went wrong is assuming it's a HARLEY sportbike. While Harley Davidson owns controlling interest in Buell, I do not consider this to be a Harley creation any more so than the Aermacchi Sprint. This bike is pure Buell creation, pure Buell technology. I firmly believe the reason H/D bought Buell is because they could not duplicate the efforts put forth by the (former) Buell Motorcycle Company (BMC) and were missing any type of sportbike from their line-up. Much easier to buy the existing technology and personnel from one company than to start from scratch. It was a brilliant move. It leapfrogged Buell 10 years forward by providing capital and engineering staff while instantly giving H/D a well needed edge in the sportbike market.
Do that. And give us your unbiased opinion afterwards. Don't forget to ask if there are any old tube frame bikes sitting around in storage(trade ins)-these can still be bought fairly cheap and are still a force to be reckoned with.
Shoot......I was hoping you were gonna tell me you rode the 1125RR. Go back!:rolleyes:
I gotta' admit I've always had this back burner attraction to Buells. I mean let’s face it: Here’s a dude (Erick Buell) that’s taken a power-plant (H-D) that’s not known in the Biking World for it's performance abilities (no matter how much friggin’ coin person’s might pile into it!) and made it into a scoot comparable to any Ducati or any other go fast 4-Stroke Twin out there?! Myself, I’ve always idealized the Harley-Davidson Low-Rider series…. At least 1977 thru 2005 (FXS, FXSB, FXRS, FXDL) because these unlike others have worked for me so very well over the years. But no man (or woman?!) can live by ‘Cruisers’ alone?! Even I gotta’ confess I’d wouldn’t mind having a Buell in my stable now and then – for those days when hauling arse through the Twisties IS a necessity! Nuff’ said?! ;-)


I can picture you on a late '90s S3T.........:D :D :D
Yeah, that'll work! :D LRG
Dude.....that bike is so YOU!:)
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