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Who rides a Buell?

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Does anyone know anything about this brand? Where's it made? How long has it been around? What's their best model? Tell us about a photo of yours.
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You can find info at or
I like the design, ahead of many sportsbikes, in some ways like the frame very low CG , low exhaust and the fuel under seat, oil in swingarm etc. The others are copying them more every year, like they do Ducati the other Co that is ahead of the rest in design. The newest model coming out has a Rotax motor, water cooled and with 145HP and only 400lbs or less. Should be a winner in a year or so. For a small Co they are doing pretty well. I think total they have 168 employees in AMERICA...
From what I read in the mags alot of people like them but not Harley and wish they had their own dealers, as do say Honda and Acura. I Think this is a good idea too. I like them and I'm glad to see anything made here doing well. They are as American made as Harley, even if they are buying motors from Europe for one model.
1 - 2 of 22 Posts
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