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Who here has gotten a ticket from a LEO using laser rather than radar?

"Radar Roy" is currently pushing a $600 Jammer. Technically it's not ILLEGAL to emit light waves, unlike radar which is a radio signal...regulated by the FCC...

With radar, the signal diminishes with the square of the distance. In layman's terms what this means is you can DETECT a radar signal at least 4X further than a LEO can emit one, get a return, and READ your speed.

Not so with laser. If they can point the damn thing at you, they've got you.

Unless you're jamming....

I'd REALLY like to hear some first person accounts of getting ticketed...or successfully jamming a lidar...

10% off if you place your order through Roy

BTW, my "HARD" system which puts a radar warning alert LED in my working FANTASTIC. It goes off, then I look DOWN to my V-1 to see which arrow is illuminated.

The V1/HARD combination has warned me a half dozen times now of approaching LEOs running radar, parked LEOs, photocams, LEOs speeding to an accident site......but it just so happens I wasn't speeding any of those times...
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