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Hello all! I have a rather simple question - or I am hoping so... I'm looking to purchase a used motorcycle- it seems to be between 2 bikes- one a 98 Kawasaki Vulcan Classic 1500 with 25k (asking $3000 talked down to $2600). And a 99 Suzuki Marauder 800 with 14k (asking $2750 and is very firm).
Both are very comparable in asking price. I'm just curious if anyone of knowledge can give some insight on a better choice? Possibly even pros and cons of each?
I'm a new rider - my past experience has been a gsxr 650 and a honda v65 (which was years and years ago - about 7 years). I'm looking for a reliable bike that I can use for pleasure, commuting, and small day trips etc. I can't seem to make up my mind between the two.
The Vulcan is pretty much stock besides some floor boards, and forward controls. And the Marauder has a bit more customization. Part of the listing reads : "At beginning of last season had the top end professionally torn down and cleaned. K&N air filters Jet kit Exhaust Grille Paint (Hard Candy Apple Green) Forward controls, get your feet out a little further for comfort Palm rest, handle grips In line clear glass fuel filter New chain 2 years ago Battery new last year-always on a tender in off season "
Both look great and are claimed to run perfect and not have any issues whatsoever.
The guy who owns the Vulcan is a mechanic at a state licensed shop and has taken care of the bike, so he says at least. The owner of the Marauder has some paperwork/receipts for work done including the cleaning of the top of the engine etc.
Any and all insight would be and is much appreciated I'll take any knowledge that can be passed down regarding these two motorcycles and what would be best. I am aware that a big contributor is personal preference but I just want to see how other people that are wiser in this field feel.

Thank you all - looking forward to come replies!

M buck

Ps I hope I'm posting in the right area please correct me if I am not and I apologize if I made an error in that.
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