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Hello, am new to the forum.
I have not ridden for a long time for different reasons. Today I cant think of one reason why I am not out there riding.
Is this called a mid life crisis? :p
Am currently disabled and fighting with social security, is no reason why I could not ride a motorcycle to my doctor appointments.
And soon will be receiving 2 years back pay and returned to work, or permanently disabled with a income.
I have a shop and I have a dream! :)

I want to build a bagger, it will be heavy. Will be using 1.25 dom to modify and build the frame.The same to build the springer front forks. A real tail dragger with stretched bags and fish tail pipes, a tractor solo seat and beach bars full fenders.

I want to use all bmw drive train. I need to buy a donor bike.
This is where I am lost, is so many models out there. I do want the air head style motor. There are so many choices with the air head, boxer, wet head, oil head, flying brick, k wedge .... I am lost and a ton of research here.
Then there is the 1100, 1200 the rt, gt, rs, gs .... Which bmw do I want?:confused:
I want something with enough horse power to push the heavy bike and 2 up on the freeway, and enough power to get out of trouble if it comes up.
I want something popular for parts availability.
I have seen these motors from 65 HP, 90 HP and OMG 0-60 in 2.8 seconds.
Most my riding will be local in town year around, short day rides up to the mountains, and occasional 2 month getaway.
Can someone give me a push in the right direction?

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Sounds like you are building a very heavy bike, I would get the biggest and stoutest motor you can find. Along with a heavy duty trans.

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I have seen the OMG 1200GT motor for $1k on ebay.
Then you need to buy the electrics and the trans, another $1500.
The seller is a shop in Texas at a 6 hour drive from me, offering free shipping.
I would drive there and score a better deal dropping shipping.
I am worried how it would behave around town driving.
And would it be popular enough, that a local small town bmw dealer would have a part if needed.

I just looked up the boxer and it starts talking about the air cooled 110 hp, then the water cooled 125 and switches to super bike territory with the 140 HP motor.
I am kinda thinking a old air cooled at 90 horse would be ok, no speed demon but enough power to get out of its own way.
I had a datsun that only had 90 horse and was a good car.
Just to many choices, may have to just buy one and hope for the best.
Is a 1999 R1100rt in mint condition, original owner with high miles 100k+ and $2k OBO.
I could sell all the tin off of it and make it cheaper, is only a 90 horse motor.
Use the motor to complete the build and rebuild it later.
I am thinking 90 is enough, something inside is saying it will be a dog and boring.

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You say you want an airhead but then say "There are so many choices with the air head, boxer, wet head, oil head, flying brick, k wedge"

An airhead is a boxer. The brick is a flat 4 liquid cooled engine. The oilhead is not an airhead. A wethead is not an airhead.

What motor do you want?

Why do you want to build a bagger when there are so many BMW baggers already out there? You can buy a used one or you can buy a new one.

I have a BMW K1600GTL. 160 horsepower in a 725 lb bike. If you truly want power that is the bike you need.

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The R1100RT is a great bike and the price sounds good if it has no final drive leaks, looks good and runs well.

The nice thing about the "R" series bikes, especially the year you mentioned is that they are very easy to work on. The valves are right out in your face as are the plugs. The individual cylinders and heads come off in a snap and fitted cylinders with their pistons and fitted rings are readily available and they are not expensive. This and a simple valve job and the engine would be like new.

Ask the seller for receipts on the maintenance done to the bike and parts used. Ask about the single dry clutch and if the final drive has been replaced.

I had a 1999 R1100 GS and it was fantastic:biggrin:


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ok, I took a few days to stop being lazy and practice my google fu.
To meet my wish list, the 1100 or 1200 boxer oil heads, seem to be my only choice for this bike I want to build.
A photo is worth a thousand words.

My goal is to maintain this style, it is the most sexy bike in the world to me.
But I want to be able to ride the dog crap out of it daily.
I thus want the newer modern boxer engine with more power.
6 speed transmission for the freeway.
Enclosed modern drive shaft and final drive.
Dual disk brakes for the front ... rear meh!
I love the looks of a springer front end, the modern telescoping may be the best choice.
I want running boards and will only be built for one up, no rear seat or pegs.
Again for comfort, I will sacrifice a little sexy, install a batwing fairing with radio and gages, usb ports etc...
And I want modern hard bags and not samsonite luggage .... I may have to build to fit, but stretching the frame I probably can buy something off the shelf to fit.

The frame is a bit of a issue, the new motors are part of the main frame, I do not want that.
I want to stretch it to a 65" instead of the stock 55" wheelbase for comfort.
So far I have found the guts to rebuild the plunger suspension, but not the actual housing to weld on to the frame.
For all these reasons, I think just building the frame from scratch would be the best approach, And probably hard tail instead of the plunger.
I have not welded in 10 years.

I wonder if just buying a after market Harley frame, and modify it to accept the bmw drive train would be the better way to go?
Not finding the physical dimension on line for the hight and length of the boxer, to see if it would fit the frame.

I realize at this point, would be cheaper and easier to just buy and rebuild a harley to my specs.
I just love the old boxer, and can not get excited about another vtwin.
Did I go off the deep end and wake up total bat**** crazy, for wanting to build this bike?
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