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Concerning a two-way street (one each way), where do you position yourself? I've been riding on the street for 47 years now. No serious accidents yet. Knock on wood. Never had official training, just rode dirt, raced flat track and grew up on bikes for experience. But have been told that riders are taught to ride left of center. Is this true? I won't do it unless I'm not cornering. And I will not ride side-by-side for the same reason. I've seen too many people in cages swerve across the center line. And it happens fast. I've had near-death experiences with that, but have managed to get to the far right and allow them to go by...only because I was riding right of center in my lane. One week ago, a 19 y/o woman in my area was hit head-on by a pickup truck in a corner and killed. This time it was she who crossed the center line on a corner. The investigation is on-going.

So, where do you position yourself and why?
1 - 1 of 18 Posts
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