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On a local road I typically ride just slightly left of center, I like the visibility but I don't like being too close to that center line, your right, people cross it all the time while busy not paying attention.

On the interstate it's left wheel track on a beat up old road, that's usually a lot smoother than the hitting lumps at the joints in the middle of the road between the ruts. If I'm on an interstate that's well maintained, the paving is fairly new and smooth and looks clean with no oil then it's hey diddle diddle, right down the middle of my lane, usually the left lane going just a bit faster than the traffic so I'm able to stay there without holding up people, always careful to quickly move over to the middle if someone wants to go tearing down the left lane at 100++ mph and clear out the cops for us slowpokes only going 85 :)
1 - 1 of 18 Posts
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