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It took me almost an hour after dinner this evening trying to find a replacement for an out of production rear wheel bearing.

I found like the most bearing manufacturers I have ever heard of...

When I was young, I saw more bent and twisted Timkens than anything else, there was this one kind though, that was stainless and everytime I found one, it had not failed, but someone had installed it wrong.

The Japanese manufacturers during the 80's were really savvy.
by making stuff that required only parts they had made special, everyone had to buy their parts...(heh heh sounds like every dealer in the US!).

I traced the bering down to the manufacturer and that is NTN in Japan, the business "INA" makes bearings too, and the bearing is tagged with INA NTN 5904 2Z/C3 JAPAN.

So I found a real cheap replacement procedure. I took it out, sprayed it with engine degreaser, and washed it out with laquer thinner. I spun it, solvent, degreaser, cleaner thinner, until it was completely clean, and had no particles in it, then repacked it by hand with wheel bearing grease, and put it back in.
PS I bought a wheel that has another one in it...a spare.... so I took it out, did the same fix and put it back in.

Now the fronts were really stuck, and the front wheel has no notches for the drift punch to go into, I almost ruined my small punch trying to get them out, after I did, I got my files out, and made drift notches in the wheel so they can be fixed if they fail. Then I ordered some from sasquatch on ebay. Im cool as fonz....

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Back in about 1984 or so, I had an Oldsmobile Omega (like a Chevy Nova, but with more trim).

I was taking the wife to a Barbershop Chapter Summer Show at a High School about an hour from home.

When I arrived at the school, I noticed that I was hearing a crunching sound, obviously coming from my tires. I knew I would need to address this, and so I got on my CB (yes, back when they were popular and everyone had one) and made a MayDay call. A fella with a very strong signal said he lived right around the corner (literally) from the school, and if I could limp the car over there, he'd help me figure out the issue.

I did, we did, and found the left front wheel bearing all chewed up (for whatever reason). So we cleaned out the area, I called my Dad (who was living near my wife and I at the time) and he came and got us, and took us home.

This was on a Saturday............

The gentleman who helped me pull the wheel and diagnose the problem was agreeable to allowing me to leave the car in his yard til "tomorrow" (a Sunday). The deal was that I would get a new bearing and come back and put it all together again.

Back in THOSE days, MOST businesses (including Auto Parts stores) were CLOSED on "Sundays," but I didn't think of that.
So the next morning, without another car to use, I walked the three miles from my home to the nearest Auto Parts store (which was of course, closed).

Across the street, the gas station was open, and I knew the old guy that worked in there, so I went over. Inside, stood the old guy I knew, and another guy about my age.

I asked,"Anyone know if that Parts Store across the street is going to open today at all?"

Response from the guy my age, "Nope, but I have the KEYS!!"
(Turns out he was the Manager of that store).

I explained my situation and he took me across the street, and we went in the back. He sold me a bearing (didn't technically "open" the store) and offered to give me a ride to where my car was (a full hour away), and then bought me breakfast when we got to the area!!!

I got the bearing set back in, and drove the car home.

I'll never forget the generosity of that guy that sold me the bearing set when he didn't have to; gave me a ride I didn't ask for and even bought me breakfast!! I gave my full patronage to that Auto Parts store until they finally closed some years ago.

Sorry.........your discussion about "bearings" just made me think of that event.


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Well I guess that will teach me to gripe about multi lateral part distributors from the electronic era!
good job old guy... probably saved ole soupys life!
sorry I am sarcastic this evening with no where to vent....
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