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So today, the day after a ride to Rhode Island that I coordinated, I'm with the wife, attending a Church Picnic, about 25 miles from my home. It's not "our" Church, our daughter goes there. We don't know anyone there other than she (and her husband and kids of course).

At one point I take a leisurely stroll around the Parking Lot, and I see a silver Cruiser with WWW's. I cuss about it, cause I'm trying to FIND "WWW's" for my Shadow ACE as you know, and there are limited sources.

So I walk over to the food tables, to get something for my wife to eat, and I see a big burly guy with no hair, perhaps in his fifties like me, wearing a "Bike Week" shirt, and I decide to engage him in a conversation.

"Hey bub! That wouldn't happen to be YOUR bike over there, would it (pointing at the Silver Cruiser."

"Yep," he says, "That's mine."

Then I begin to talk about yesterday....."Yesterday I was leading a group of fellas to Jamestown, to Beavertail Lighthouse......." (he interrupts) ....."ya, Ken and Mike," he says.

"How'd you know THAT?" I ask

He says, "because I was supposed to GO on that ride, but I had to work!"

What're the odds!!

"I heard them talking about a guy named Greg who had to work," I tell him.

"I'm 'Greg,'" he says.


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