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what plugs for a 81 XS400

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I just bought the bike and i through in a set of plugs i had layin around just to get it to fire. These plugs are good, but im not sure if they're the right kind. They are NGK B8ES. What plug should I be running in this motor.

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According to Old Bike Barn and Dennis Kirk yours should take the BP7ES plug. Hit up your local big auto parts place such as Auto Zone or Advance Auto or a Checkers to get the best price. I get them at Advance Auto for like $1.80 each where at my local bike shop they are $3 each for NGK's non-platinum.
Alright, thanks for the advice.

No problem Jay. Hope ya get it together soon. Ebay is a good place to hunt down parts or or .
welcome fellow xs 400'er

hey i have a 78 xs 400 and its running NGK BP7ES plugs. maybe they're the same thru the years.
I hate partsnmore because of their dumb $35 minimum order. What's up with that?
I don't know but I've never had no trouble coming up with $35 worth of stuff to buy. I can say this their shipping is fast and free.
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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