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The issue of what kind of MC Jesus would ride has been covered here before:

but..... Behold!

Most of the characters in the Bible were cagers:

Jehovah drove Adam and Eve out of the Garden in a [Plymouth] Fury.

The Apostles all left the day of Pentecost in one Accord. It was a tight fit, but...

in Psalm 83:15 David tells us that The Almightee owns both a Pontiac and a Geo, urging Yahweh to “Pursue your enemies in a Tempest, and terrify them with your Storm!"

King Herod favored muscle cars; the head of John the Baptist was brought to him in a Charger ---with a 426 Hemi." - Mark 6:25

For trips to Home Depot God apparently favors Dodge pick-up trucks, because Moses' followers are warned “...Not to go up a mountain until the Ram’s horn sounds a long blast”.

Some scholars believe that Jesus also drove a Honda, but didn’t like to talk about it or the valve recession problems. In the gospel of John the Christ tells the people “For I did not speak of my own Accord.”

One exception:

David's TRIUMPH (Speed Triple?) was heard throughout the land. Apparently he had a Two Brothers pipe.

Here's a guy riding on water... could this be the Lord???

The Answer:

Well, if Jesus is now seated at the Right Hand of the Father.... it's gotta be a hack. I would guessed a Ural, but someone snapped this photo:

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