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So i'm thinking of getting my motorcycle license in two years (when i'm 18), and that will allow me to ride bikes up to i believe 600cc. However, i'm kinda tall (6´5 1/2, 196cm) so i'm wondering what kind of bike i should get and what model. The types i have looked at are mainly sport bikes and standards, but i would like to know what yall would recommend (like maybe other types and models).

SIDENOTE: I wouldve taken my license know, but my parents wont let me, but they say i can do whatever i want when im 18. If I wouldve taken this license however, i would only be allowed to ride 125cc bikes anyway soooo yea

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Honda makes very reliable bikes. Buy one that allows you to be flat-footed when you stop. Buy one that will be able to get out of its own way on high speed roads (say a 650cc or higher).

Don’t waste money on all the goodies (accessories) for this first bike. Give yourself time to get used to riding, before you distract yourself with extras.

Ride “solo” for at LEAST the first season. Become “one” with the bike before jeapordizing anyone else on the back of your bike.

Stay away from dark colors that increase your invisibility. Be obnoxious with the evidence that other drivers see. Make sure they know you are there!

Decide if you want to be leaning forward or sitting more erect. Base that decision on your endurance potential, not on how “cool” you might think you are.
It’s fun to have a great looking bike, but not if you can’t stand riding it any distance because your body tires out from handling it, after only short distances!

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The kind of bike you want is one that fits you (not cramped), and has enough power for where and how you plan to ride. After that, ride what you like; I like UJM type and cruisers, and others only like sport and dual-sport.
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