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I know that the origin of "Choppers" were regular motorcycles that the owners "chopped" off parts that were non-essential, including the front brake (back in the days when many riders would not use a front brake, considering it suicidal) to reduce weight and improve speed. But today they appear to be bikes that some want as a means of garnering personal attention, just like loud pipes and "ape hanger" handlebars. And some "choppers" have all of the above. Maybe I'm crazy, but I always thought motorcycles were for riding, not for compensating for shortfalls in your life so that you would be noticed by others. But each to their own. If having a bike that can barely make a turn, has no storage capability, a tiny seat and probably little or no rear suspension, is what gets you excited, go for it. Maybe some of those that ride choppers are doing a form of "dress up", like kids putting on costumes. They can ride around looked bad-ass in their own mind and then go back to their normal lives. If that makes them happy, then its all good, man.
1 - 1 of 24 Posts
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