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Old skool choppers were silly in a lot of ways but nowadays we have an even worse trend, Big Wheel Baggers.

The formula is simple, take a great riding bagger (Harley street glide or Victory Cross County or Vision usually) that was designed to handle well and cruise across a continent, and do everything possible to make that impossible...extend the rear bags, lower the suspension and add air ride so the bike can sit on the frame ( But can't corner without grinding on the ground) , and then put on a 30+ inch GIANT front wheel and poorly designed rake kit to totally kill the handling. Take off the windshield and replace it with a 3" high painted black blade screen, and make sure to add a set of 18" apes too to make it even worse to handle and put your hands up above the fairing.
Then take the engine and throw a bunch of random performance parts that make it totally the wrong powerplant for a touring bike, if your really want to be rad you can go twin turbo and or add a stupidcharger. These mechanical mods are usually complimented by the loudest exhaust system physically possible, and of course a 300 HP nitrous system. Add a few practical touches like flame thrower exhaust and a 50,000 watt sound system with 4 batteries filling up the bags to power it and you have the quintessential "Big Wheel Bagger"

Building one of these people spend 50-100K on top of the price of the bike, they post pictures, tell how they ride so well, handle 'almost' the same as they did before the mods, when questioned they post videos of them riding in a straight line to prove how well they corner :) and then 6 months later you see them for sale for 1/3 of what they cost with no buyers even interested.
1 - 1 of 24 Posts
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