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What did you do with your bike today?

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Me and my lady went for a nice ride on the Street Glide to a nice restaurant in Evansville, Ind. It has been a beautiful day.
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Sounds like you had a good day riding back and forth, it was a very nice day indeed, in fact it was a shame I spent the best part of it at work :)

If you took 80 we probably crossed paths, I rode home from Newark, stopped for gas and arrived home just as it was getting dark, around 4:20. The temperature sure did drop as the sun went down, it was so nice and warm when I left Newark that I left off all my layers and was just riding in kevlar lined jeans and a leather jacket with no liner or neck gaiter. By the time I got home I think I was colder than when I rode in the morning :)

I didn't ride today, the weather is supposed to be really miserable later on.
Miserable isn't the word. It's been pouring rain out there all morning.
No we didn't cross paths. I prefer the scenic route. From here, I ride
the backroads to Hackettstown, then Rt 46 to Belvidere, over the
Belvidere bridge and up Riverton rd (??) then Orchard to 512,
then up 512 into Pen Argyl. But I probably passed right
by your house.....again! LOL!!!

P.S. I was avoiding that stretch of 512 during the summer
when it was all under construction, but they seem to
have FINALLY finished it, and did a nice job. Very smooth now.
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Well winter is definitely just around the corner. I took the Goldwing out for a short ride today, thinking once again that this may be the last ride 'til spring.
It never got above 30 degrees here, kinda nippy, but I still got in a nice 25 mile cruise, taking the long way home from running some errands.
It's going down to 10 degrees here tonight.
This sucks.
Is it spring yet?
Yeah, we've had single digit temps here in the last few weeks.
Today it's 53 degrees. Go figure.
Yee Ha!
After a lousy holiday season of sore throats and colds followed by a sprained ankle,
yesterday I was feeling good enough to go for a ride, even if it was
a short one.
But the gremlins just won't leave me alone.
I couldn't take my '99 Goldwing out because I have it apart in the
shop for winter maintenance.
So I decided that I would take my '76 Goldwing out for ride. It
hasn't been used in a while and needs the exercise.
Well, it started right up. That was a good sign. Then I noticed
something leaking on the right hand side.
Damn! The fuel pump had sprung a leak and was peeing
a steady stream of gasoline on the hot exhaust pipe.
NOT GOOD! QUICK, shut it off.
So, it was down to the '77 Trail 90.
Only a few kicks and the good ol' "Lil' Honda" was running like
a clock. So off I went for a cruise around the local area.
Ended up putting about 10 miles on the bike on a damp
miserable day. Had the sun been shining, I would have
gone MUCH further.
Oh well, a little is better than nothing.
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That's like dog-years or something I bet. 10 miles in a Trail 90 is like, 50 miles on a full size bike?

Nah! It doesn't start multiplying until you pass 50 or 60 miles.
I've done 130 in a day on the Trail 90. My ass was sore after
that ride! I really should put new padding in the seat on that
thing. It's probably squashed down quite a lot after 40 years.

On the other hand, my wife and I did around 230 miles on the
Goldwing 1500 back in the fall and neither of us was even
tired after that!

There is a couple who post on the Trail 90 forum who are on
a trip around the world on Trail 90s. They have done as much
as 300 miles in a day on them. Those two must have iron
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Collapsed valve lifter? Maybe from sitting too long?
Might have to run it for a bit to get the lifter re-inflated.
Eye, you're the mechanic.
What say ye?
Got a nice 125 Mile local ride in Saturday, down 611 and 32 to New Hope, PA. Was a bit bummed to find that the barbecue joint that was the stated goal for this mission was gone, Bitter Bob's is a thing of the past. We did get a good meal in an Irish pub but after riding 2 hours dreaming of brisket and ribs it just wasn't the same.
What?? Bitter Bobs is gone? We were there back in the fall for breakfast and the place seemed busy. I was looking forward to going back.
Damn! That thing looks brand new!! (drool)

My Cb750k5 arrived today.

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I was out in my shop EARLY this morning, 6 a.m.
I changed the timing belts on my '99 Goldwing and put in new antifreeze.
Still have more things to do, but I'm tired.
I'm a morning person. If I want to get a project done, I have to start at the crack of dawn or it never gets done.
It reached 83 here today.
I had a lot of errands to run so I took my
76 Goldwing out and racked up a few miles.
...and I'm going out again in a little while.
I have a radio club meeting to go to so I
might as well enjoy getting there on the bike.
Bike Night at the Chatterbox has begun!
Thursday night is Bike Night at our local burger joint, The Chatterbox.
Tonight was the first Thursday we've had this month that it wasn't raining, so I headed up there. As I expected, turnout was small, only about two dozen bikes.
But I expect that, weather permitting, next week will see far more bikes there since we will be into the month of May.
After Memorial Day, we'll be seeing HUNDREDS of bikes there on Thursday nights.
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This was a working weekend for me. I had to go help my friend get his 42 foot sailboat serviced and in the water. I can't refuse to help the friend who GAVE me the nice '99 Goldwing that I've been riding.
At least I got to ride to his house and back. Not very far, but better than nothing.
We rode all 6 bikes 150 feet up the alley and crammed them all in our neighbors garage along with his Harley, that's all the riding we got in the last 3 days. BUT the good news is that once it cures we can move them back onto our new concrete garage floor, no more dusty, nasty gravel and it's even level, with a concrete pad outside for washing etc as well..
1. That looks nice...nice and expensive!
2. You have way too many bikes.
3. You don't know how lucky you are to have a woman who loves
bikes as much as you do.

Two thumbs up on the garage floor!
This was after Saturday's track day.
Looks like you scrubbed a few bucks worth of rubber off of that one!
Better buy a new tire now and keep it in reserve. You're gonna need it! :grin:
This thing is only going to get more and more expensive ...
You're just figuring that out? LOL!!
Well I was saying that more with resignation than surprise ... I've raced motocross & hare scrambles in the past ... but street bikes are definitely way more expensive.
Tell me about it!
I've got two Goldwings and Honda Trail 90 running and registered,
and BMW and a Kawasaki 400 sitting in the shed awaiting restoration...
a restoration I'll probably never get to at this point.
I should sell them.
We took a little ride, started heading west. The mountains around these parts sure look funny, somehow I think we aren't in Pennsylvania any more....

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Boy, you guys sure get around!
How many miles do you and Candy have on
the new bikes now?
What a ride!!

Some days it just all comes together perfectly. The weather is good.
The bike is running smooth as silk. And you are relaxed and
right on top of your game.
Today was one of those days!
It was a BEAUTIFUL morning for a bike ride. Just about
70 degrees, and a few puffy clouds with the sun coming up.
I headed up through the back roads of Sussex county and came
out in Port Jervis NY near the Delaware river. From there I headed
up the Delaware on Rt 97 with a stop at Hawk's Nest to look at the
peaceful morning scenery on the river.
After a relaxing break, I headed further up river to the Roebling bridge.
Haven't been up that far in decades. Happy to see that nothing has
changed. Still as pretty as ever.
(if you've read your history, you know that John Roebling also
designed and built the Bear Mountain bridge over the Hudson,
followed by his greatest creation, the Brooklyn Bridge)
After taking some time to look over all the historic photos in the
little museum building next to the Roebling bridge,
I moved just a mile up the road to the Zane Grey museum. Zane Grey
was a prolific writer of western novels around the turn of the century.
Many of the western movies and TV shows we watched were based on
his stories. Interesting to find that he spent some time in Orange NJ
when he was young! That's where I was born and grew up.
He played for a baseball team there!
From there, a quick stop for a breakfast bite at Two Rivers Junction
and it was off through the hills of Pa. on state road 590.
How I never rode this road before I'll never know!
Smooth pavement and twisty-turny for miles all
the way out to Route 6 at Lake Wallenpaupack.
By now it was around 10:30 am and I started heading back towards
home on Rt 6. I "was" going to stop at a favorite little ice cream joint
up there, but found them out of business. Damn. They were there
only a few months ago.
So, it was back across the Delaware into N.J. again and down
rt 206 towards home....with a stop at Dairy Queen to get the ice
cream I missed in Pennsylvania.
About 150 miles covered between 7:30 am and noon with
several relaxing stops along the way.

I just LOVE traveling on the mighty Goldwing!!

(Man, I gotta start taking some pictures on these rides.)
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Had some great rides over the Labor Day weekend.
But haven't done a thing here the last couple of days. It's been raining more or less continuously since Tuesday afternoon, and it's expected to continue into Thursday morning. (sigh)
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