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What did you do with your bike today?

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Me and my lady went for a nice ride on the Street Glide to a nice restaurant in Evansville, Ind. It has been a beautiful day.
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It's been raining all week, just downright miserable, so I figured the best way to get good weather for everyone was to bite the bullet and disable my bike as a sacrifice to the weather gods!
LOL!! Did the same thing myself! Last week I removed my carburetors
and sent them off to be rebuilt!
Hopefully I'll have them back by this coming weekend....
....and dry weather along with them!
It was a BEAUTIFUL evening here tonight.
Since my Goldwing is still waiting for the carburetors to come back from the rebuilder,
I decided to ride my Honda Trail 90 up to the Chatterbox restaurant tonight
for Bike Night.
Turned out that it was the first "official" bike night of the
season and there were a LOT of bikes there.
As usual, mine was the only Trail 90 there and it drew a
lot of attention.
The Chatterbox is a 50s style burgers and sandwiches style
restaurant about 13 miles from me. On Thursdays during the
summer, they block off the parking lot and only motorcycles
are allowed. Cars have to park in the grass field next door.

I met quite a few people I knew and spent a couple of hours
looking at the hundreds of bikes that showed up.
Yeee Ha!
The season has begun!
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Hey, that Chatterbox looks like a fun place to go for a ride, I head over that way from time to time anyway, usually riding 94 to 15, then down to Jefferson to the diner for breakfast or lunch, maybe next time will head the other way and try the Chatterbox instead!
Bike nights on Thursdays, hmm I'll have to make that sooner or later, looks like a blast! I didn't see any hours on the website, when do the bike nights start and end? I was actually riding home from Newark Airport last night around 11:00 and could have stopped in but I guess that was too late anyway.
Mike, The bikes usually start gathering there between 4 and 5 and stay 'til
closing. On a good Thursday night, there will be so many bikes there that you can't
move!....I mean HUNDREDS!
And if you have come to the Jefferson Diner, you were exactly one mile
from my house.

Oh yeah....if you go to the Chatterbox on Saturday evenings, they
have Hot Rod night. All kinds of custom and antique cars.
So this should look familiar then...

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It certainly does, Mike.
That'd be the place!
I live behind you in the picture, up on the hill.
Petey's Eateys

Yesterday morning I dragged my buddy Perry out and we headed off in search of Petey's Eateys in Nazareth Pa. Mike721 said he and his wife love the food there, so it sounded like a good destination to me.
Perry and I took every back road I could find, zig-zagging through the hills between Hacketstown and Belvidere N.J. Once we crossed the Belvidere bridge over the Delaware river, we again took to the back roads through eastern Pa until our wandering brought us to Petey's...the LONG way round. It was a beautiful Saturday morning for a ride and on the back roads we hardly EVER saw a car until we were almost to Petey's. There is nothing quite like riding these roads early in the morning when you have them all to yourself!
Mike, you were right. I had a great Bacon Egg &Cheese sandwich there.
Those people do not skimp on the food.
Thanks for the recommendation. It's about 60 miles from my house, just the right distance for a nice morning ride.
I know we'll be going back.
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I'm glad you liked Petey's and that's a nice way you got there too, 46 from Hackettstown is a nice ride and the Belvidere crossing is a well kept (and free!) secret bridge.

Funny, Saturday we rode the other way, We wanted to put some higher speed miles on Candy's new bike to help complete the break in so we rode from Bangor over the Portland bridge then took rt 80 to 15, then ate breakfast at the Jefferson Diner, then took 15 north to 206n through Stokes state forest and then crossed back into PA and took 209 back home.
LOL! You were exactly one mile from my house when you were at the diner.
One of these days we have to arrange to meet somewhere in the middle. LOL!
Saturday's ride

Just a ride report on Saturday's ride with my new
FREE Goldwing. It was a bit different kind of ride
for me since I normally prefer backroads at a relaxed

It turned out to be a rather long ride yesterday with my friend
Joe who I know from ham radio. We were following
his friends Gino and Paul who I sorta know from
bike nights at the Chatterbox restaurant here in
northern New Jersey. I had never ridden with these
guys before, so I wasn't sure what to expect.
We headed out into the Pocono mountains in north
eastern Pennsylvania via the Dingman's
Ferry Bridge over the Delaware river and up Rt 739,
eventually making our way to Rt 6 where we
stopped at Baer's Harley Davidson on Rt 6 in Honesdale Pa.
just to look around at the new bikes. Then we hopped on
Rt 84, took it to Rt 380 near Scranton Pa,
and then down Rt 80 to make at stop at Pocono Harley Davidson.
(more looking at bikes I can't afford. :coffeescreen: )
Finally we headed back on Rt 80 into New Jersey and
stopped at Garden State Harley, the new dealer on Rt 10.
(have you figured out that these guys all ride Harleys?)
Garden state had a big shindig going on with a DJ, free
food and drinks, and free Italian Ice.....and LOTS of
people! They sure know how to promote the place.
Finally, we saw the thunderbumpers starting to build
to the west so Joe and I beat it for home. That final
15 miles was touch and go with the clouds getting
uglier and uglier ahead of us. We got home just as
the first few raindrops started.
My odometer turned 200 miles on the nose as I
rolled into my shed.
Now, you know that everyone has their own riding pace.
Some are faster, some are slower.
But let me tell ya, Gino and crew ride FAST!
Not crazy, very smooth and very predictable, but FAST!
On Rt 84 and Rt 380 in Pa, we were running a
smooth steady 85, and I saw 90 a couple of times!
I just parked myself on Gino's tail and followed along.
He never said anything, but I'm betting that he just
wanted to see if I was a good rider or not.
He got his answer every time he looked in the mirror
and saw me locked onto his 5 o'clock position.

This was not the kind of ride I'd like to do everyday,
but it sure was interesting and different!
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Later on my wife and I rode to the Bike Night at the Chatterbox, a not too local food place, Gage and his Mom took the car, he wanted to ride with me again but it was about 45 miles and I didn't want to overtax him the first day. We had fun, Gage had a blast, looking at all the bikes, telling me which ones he wanted ( all of them) and most of all telling everyone who's attention he could grab that he was a 'real biker' now because he rode 20 miles today! :)
I promised him another ride this afternoon when I get home from work, I going to miss him so much when we take him home tomorrow.
Fer cryin' out loud, Mike! I was parked almost directly across from you
at the Chatterbox last night! I saw your wife's Indian and stopped to
look at it. Nice bike!! Wish I had known you were going to be there.
We could have met and said hi. Small world.
we really do need to coordinate better, i go to your area to eat, you go to mine, one day we are going to crash into each other at the midpoint if we aren't careful. :)
Not a damned thing. Haven't had the bikes out in days.
We're in the middle of a heat and humidity wave here. It's just too miserable to ride.
Temperature has been in the mid 90s with near 100% humidity for days. And it's expected to continue into next week.
It's about 97 out there right now.
Some days its hot, but when moving it is tolerable. When it gets so hot or humid that even when moving it is miserable, then the bike stays in the garage. We've had some days recently here where it was hot, but I still enjoyed riding even if by the time I got home by clothes, including my jeans, were almost dripping wet from sweat. For me, that's getting pretty close to the limit of my tolerance.
Yup, that sums it up very well. If either the heat OR the humidity would subside, it would be bearable. But as it is, I end up dripping with sweat just from standing and doing nothing.
The stereo speakers on my 99 Goldwing were terrible, screechy to the point of being almost painful. I ended up not using the stereo much.
After reading a post on GoldwingDocs, I picked up a pair of Kenwood speakers from Best Buy that were recommended by other Wingers, along with a set of foam baffles that go behind the speakers.
Getting inside that dashboard to find the speakers was a pain in the ass!
But in the end, it was worth every four letter word.
I now have a MUCH better sounding stereo on the bike.
After finishing up, I took off on an evening ride to nowhere to try out the new speakers on the road. The tunes from my MP3 player sounded so good that I didn't want to come home!

...The rear speakers are next!
But that will have to wait til next weekend.
Tomorrow I'm going riding!!
Put a new front tire on my '99 Goldwing today. Kind of a pain in the rear, but worth it. Bike handles MUCH better with a new Michellin Commander II than it did with the old Dunlop E3.
After I cleaned myself up, I took the '99 for a short ride to check the new front tire.
Then I took the '76 Wing out for a short cruise since it hasn't been ridden much lately.
Then I took the '99 out for a longer ride, about 30 miles, combined with some grocery shopping.
And after dinner, I'll be taking the '99 out again to my ham radio club meeting.

Yeah, some days are rough. LOL!!
Today? Not a darned thing.
It rained all day here. In fact it's still raining and is supposed to rain right into Sunday morning.
Those blue LEDs are BRIGHT, there is no way you don't see me from alongside, they are almost too bright to be honest. Those lights are legal in PA as far as I can tell but probably not in NJ where I do a lot of my riding, but I've had them on for weeks and the cops haven't blinked an eye so I guess I'm good.
Mike, you just haven't had a cop who is having a bad day take notice of you yet. But I'm sure you'll let us know when you do. :coffeescreen:
This thread is coming up on page 113, where the last post is from 10-02-16. It also doesn't clear, shows as not read.
The last post, before today, that I see is from the 14th!!
Everything from the 15th through yesterday is missing.
So much for "new improved" software!
Thanks to the great weather we have been having recently, 70 in November in Pennsylvania!, besides my usual commuting we have been trying to ride as much as possible instead of taking the cage.
Here I am riding home from Sam's Club, a case of toilet paper strapped to the backseat, with a trunk load of pomegranates and salad, and the saddle bags loaded with all sorts of goodies. My wife's Chieftain was loaded up as well, I know she had 2 sets of bedsheets along with a bunch of other stuff in there too!

I did get some odd looks as I rode past with the TP pillion, reinforcing peoples opinions of us crazy motorcyclists no doubt!
Boy does that sound familiar!
I go to Stop n Shop with the bike quite often. People getting in or out of their cars look at me rather strangely as they watch 4 or 5 bags of groceries disappear into the huge saddlebags of my Goldwing!
...and there is still room left over!!
One of the best Vision specialists in the word lives on a small island off the coast of Alaska, of all places. He's kind of hard to locate though, as he is, after all, an "Optical Aleutian."
Changeable weather wasn't the word for it, Mike.
We had three inches of snow here by Sunday morning, and it's STILL on the ground!
I couldn't believe it, since I had been outside doing yard work all day Saturday in my T-shirt!!
Temps haven't gone above freezing since then, and it's now Wednesday morning.
This is nuts.
Went out to visit my friend in Pen Argyl, near you, yesterday. He's got nothing!
Just a dusting on the roof!
We got three inches of heavy wet mush which has now frozen to solid ice!
I had to go out to Pen Argyl again today to help my friend with a project.
My truck is in the shop, so....
The Goldwing was it! 26 degrees when I left this morning. Nice ride out, despite the cold. It got up into the 50s during the day while we were working.
By the time I got home, it was getting dark and the temp was back down to 40 again.
I was a nice day for a ride, no matter how you look at it.
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