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What did you do with your bike today?

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Me and my lady went for a nice ride on the Street Glide to a nice restaurant in Evansville, Ind. It has been a beautiful day.
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Funny but I had commented to my friend yesterday, when we thought we'd get done with time to ride, that "and if it's night when we get back, fine, I've got my new eyeball-blaster and I'll be riding a Christmas tree!"

The times we will need to be riding (both of us work night jobs and neither is going to get up for a morning start, though he's much better at jerking his schedule around than I am) more than I'd like of the TN trip will be after dark. I do think it's a real safety advantage. You just can't fail to see THAT.
That's a beautiful area! We have friends that live in the Bristols and we usually take 58 over the mountains and through Damascus to get there, and start back going across Shady Valley a little further South. (I can't remember the route number off-hand.) 58 is a very enjoyable ride, as are many roads in that area. What do they call it? The Great Python or something? We used to know a guy that had a "camp ground" up there called "Bear Claw" and it was motorcycle friendly. Haven't heard from him in a few years though so I don't know if he's still kicking or not.
The Snake, Hwy 421, Shady Valley. Best part is Shady Valley to 2/3 way toward Mountain City.
You could have put Ride-On in those tires and got a perfect balance plus a little road hazard(puncture) protection. There are so many headlights available today that it makes it almost impossible to choose which one to use. But they all are so much better than stock that you can't go wrong. I bet your power usage even with your Christmas tree is lower. Can't go wrong.
Never heard of Ride-On until now. In any case I didn't know for sure what the problem was, and still wasn't 100% sure there WAS a problem. It felt very different from my experience of out of balance wheels on cars or even out of true bicycle wheels. It was a sort of high frequency buzz which didn't seem like what such imbalance would cause, but in any case it's fixed now.

I compared a lot of headlights. This comparison video (by a company that sells most of the better ones) was informative:

The JW Speaker seems better, but is considerably more expensive (it's the same as the Harley Daymaker, but costs less than the HD.) The Trucklite seemed very good for the money.

The "Christmas tree" lights draw very, very little. I have a handlebar mounted USB power double power outlet I use for GPS and it has a voltage readout. As a test I left the "Christmas tree" lights on in the garage for over three hours, on full brightness. I didn't even know they had dimmer settings at the time but I found that function later. The voltage dropped from 12.5 to 12.4 and the bike fired right up after that three hours.
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Ride to eat, Eat to ride.
Sunday morning my wife and I hopped on our ‘local’ bikes ( Scout and Kingpin) intending to go out for a short ride for breakfast, it was raining lightly but it’s only water, no big deal.

We headed south and east from where we live in the Pocono mountains of Pennsylvania into New Jersey since that’s the only place to get a good pork roll, egg, and cheese bagel!

An hour later we ate, and then the weather got better and we decided to ride a ‘bit’ further. No real destination, just headed generally south and west, sort of headed towards Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, thinking about cheesesteak for lunch, though Maryland for crab was a possibility we discussed too.

An hour or three later we decided that it was a better idea to go out for Greek food for lunch instead. So we turned around and headed north and east, all across Central N.J. on rt 31 and rt 202 through some very exclusive towns and beautiful countryside then back into the chaos of Northern New Jersey on rt 80.

After 30 miles of high speed interstate combat we rode over the George Washington bridge into Manhattan, then over the Harlem river into the Bronx then over the Throgs Neck bridge across the Long Island Sound into Queens, NY, which quite possibly has more Greeks living in it than Greece.

Queens is my old stomping ground, born and raised there, and I knew just where I was headed for the best kept secret in Greek food. Fontana isn’t a fancy place, it’s not even in a Greek neighborhood or well known outside of the local area but their gyro and souvlaki are the best in the city. I ate so much I was wondering if I needed to tighten up my bikes rear shock to ride home !

It was only 125 miles heading home at ludicrous speed :) on Rt 95 and Rt 80, ending up close to 400 miles on the ‘local’ bikes on a quick breakfast run that ended after dark.

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That's the kind of "breakfast run" we make at least twice a month. 248 one way just a few days ago just to get a burger. Yeah, we are crazy. Makes for a very long day now that it's getting dark early. I don't do too good after dark. Won't be dumb enough to do that again for awhile. :rolleyes:
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My kind of people for sure!:smile_big:

My frequent rides are always food oriented and in every compass direction I decide to travel, I have found the best and worst places to eat.:smile:

Last Saturday morning I stopped at 'Jenny's Kitchen, a restaurant in a small town, Sheldon, MO and ordered my favorite, a ham and cheese omelet, hash browns and biscuits and sausage gravy with rich black coffee and it was wonderful:grin: The bill was $8.50 and I was so happy and satiated that I left the 82 year old waitress a $5 tip:angel:

Again, thanks for the high quality pictures!:smile:

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The first site we found, and were relying on, that said red was legal in GA, was wrong.

It's a mess of state laws to sort through on underglow, but it seems for my upcoming trip amber in GA and green in the other states we'll be going through is ok.

The laws were almost all written before such things existed. They need to be standardized and simplified. After some frantic googling and reading the actual state codes though, we seem to have it sorted for the states we'll be in.
update on Stage 1,

Took the wide glide out Saturday, did a pre-ride, brought up tire
pressure,gassed her up and went 160 miles, most hi-way but some
round town. She ran damn good, had her up to 95 for a bit , mostly
around 80 mph. She took 3.2 gallons. I had gotten fifty to a gallon
before but that was keeping her between 65 and no more than 70.
She sounded good as I rolled on a lot of throttle, suddenly sounding
somewhat richer and getting a lot more air sucked in. . .seemed like I
exceeded another warp factor.
Saturday Oct 21st. I took out the 91 Snortster 1200
for a hundred mile ride over a few bridges in St.Pete,
The Gandy bridge, Howard Frankenstein, Bay-side and
the Campbell Courtney Causeway, a.k.a. rte.60 then I
dropped into Quaker Steak & Lube for a small skillet of
the biggest ass meat-balls covered in marinara sauce
then topped with melted mozzarella cheese and washed
down with 22 oz. of cold beer. Meanwhile the Beatles were
singing about the 'Yellow submarine' And I love her and all
my lovin'.

Still wanting a bit more ride I headed to rte.275 and
headed down to the Sky-way Br. and did a U at the
South end fishing pier and headed back to the house,
all in all a great day for biking as the temp and mugginess
factor have lowered a bit.
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Let's play which of these things is not like the others! :)
I went for a 200 mile ride through the hills of NW NJ with my wife's Indian Riders group on Saturday, they didn't mind having one Victory ( and one BMW) along with the 12 Indians. My first experience riding with a group with very mixed skill sets, I quickly learned to get up near the front so I didn't get stuck behind a couple of slowpokes who didn't like corners that they had to lean into! We eventually ended up with the leader on Chieftain, the guy on the BMW K1600, my wife on her Chieftain, and me on the Vision as a unit of 4 in front, we had a blast pushing it pretty hard on some of the curvy roads and waited every 10 miles or so for the rest to catch up. :).


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Way to go Mike 721. I have been through Freehold N.J, a nice farming area.
They also have a historic site, Old soldiers church and cemetery, goes back
to the Civil war times. Freehold also has a nice old Diner and the food's pretty
good, enough to fill a biker's tank.

Saturday I had the wide glide out doing offset cone weaves like Motorman
Palladino's courses, along with going from 60 to 15 and doing a swerve
and a few U-turns. It seems a half dozen guys on bikes have 'Bought the farm'
down here in St.Pete Florida since the beginning of the year, All left turners,
some wrack ups were in the middle of the night and the Statey's' said, "The guy was
way above the speed limit." Amazing how the safety margin drops with serious
increases of speed . . .
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When a group of Indians gets together for a ride, do they go in single file?
When a group of Indians gets together for a ride, do they go in single file?
That's up to the chief
Today, she is sitting at the house. Ran out of propane last night while cooking dinner, so had to bring the truck to refill the bottles. About one 20 pound tank a month for cooking and hot water isn't bad. Rain tomorrow, but I get a 4 day weekend with the holiday, and being my normal Friday off, so I'm headed to Texas. San Angelo to be exact. If anyone wants to meet up along the way Thursday through Sunday, let me know. Also, any cool stops along the Mercury, Gatesville, Marlin route, let me know.
Worked on the XS400 getting him ready for winter riding. Was not idling well, so pulled off both carbs and blew air thru the jets. Was some crud in the bottom of the bowls. Put on new mufflers and a cross over pipe. Painted the pipes and mufflers. Checked the swing arm and steering head for wobble. Both okay. Adjusted the cheap chain. In the middle of sanding and painting the ammo cases, used as saddle bags. Also cleaning the foam filters. Hope the jetting will be okay with the new mufflers.

Tomorrow I will start work on the mounting brackets for the sidecar and Yami.

Unkle Krusty
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I quietly cursed at it from a distance. Can't kill it knowing I have to keep what I kill can't keep it can't sell it because my conscience can't part it out because it's a perfectly good bike conscience once again can maybe trade it.
When a group of Indians gets together for a ride, do they go in single file?
Well first thing they do, is send out a Scout.

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Polaris bought Indian, do they still make them?
Well first thing they do, is send out a Scout.

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:coffeescreen: Clever!
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