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What did you do with your bike today?

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Me and my lady went for a nice ride on the Street Glide to a nice restaurant in Evansville, Ind. It has been a beautiful day.
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And I got wind of the rumored ZX4R so I've spent waaay too much time ogling that and fantasizing about how to make one MINE!!!:D:D:D
All it takes is money....lots and lots of money.
Start accumulating some.
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I just ordered a box of those. Thanks Mike.
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Mine just arrived from Amazon!
Got a nice plastic box with about 350 of 'em in various sizes.
They will sure come in handy.
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So, it's a bit long, but follow me on this.
On my Goldwing, to get at the rear wheel or brakes, you need to remove the saddlebags. It's not a big deal, but to remove them, you have to take out six bolts which are inside the bags. But....some genius at Honda thought that making the bags flat black inside was a good idea. (I'd like to get a hold of him!)
It's like looking into a dark hole, trying to see where the bolts are, or anything else in the bags for that matter!
I decided to paint the insides of the bags and trunk bright white.
Yes, I know that the insides will quickly get scratched and dirty. But even scratched dirty white is better than flat black.

Before: Can you see what's in there? Neither can I.
Hood Vehicle Automotive lighting Motor vehicle Boat

The final product: A couple of cans of spray paint and some painter's tape later, MUCH better!!!
Vehicle Automotive tire Tire Automotive fuel system Automotive lighting

Motor vehicle Hood Automotive lighting Automotive tire Automotive design
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That's cool. Did you find anything hiding in there after you painted it white? :)
LOL!! No, I made sure every thing was out before I started.
After several days off for "honey do" projects, I got back to the bike again today.
Removed several plastic pieces from the rear that hid other parts. Then I pulled
the saddlebags and finally the mufflers.
Tomorrow will hopefully be a day for cleaning under all that stuff, since you can't
get at it with the bags in place. Then will come removing the rear brake caliper and finally the rear wheel.
All of this is so I can remove the final drive and extract the driveshaft. The splined couplings to the universal joint and to the rear wheel haven't been greased properly in quite a while. I'm sure it needs it.
I want that bike to last a looong time, so I will do unto it so that it won't do unto me.
After this, it should be good for quite a few years.
I rolled Bike from by the door to further up in the shop, tucked in next to the bicycle, so I could get the snowblower out.
You have my condolences.
We should be up to our eyeballs in that white....stuff.
So far, hardly a flake all winter.
You got it, and you can HAVE it!
Well, I’m in the middle of LOTS of “fun”! 🤯
Was waiting for oil change periodicity to coincide with valve check/adjustment.
Hope to have it mostly done by EOD tomorrow.
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That's about the way my Goldwing looks right now.
Hope to have it back together soon.
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What are YOU doing?
Oh, BTW. My project is on “hold” until Wednesday. I had ordered the tappet adjustment tool and went to use it and found they sent the wrong size. It should be 4mm. Take way too long to get the right one from Japan. Unfortunately nobody had small wrenches in stock so I had to Amazon them overnight. Have to work tomorrow but will be back in it the next day.
My initial check of cylinder #1 (rear) is that they are too tight but I have to wait to adjust it.
Me? First project was to remove the rear wheel, final drive and drive shaft to grease all the splines. Hasn't been done in a few years.
Next will be a new windshield, instrument faces, (long story), switches on the clutch lever for the starter and cruise control, a few LEDs in the dash that didn't get done a couple of years ago when I had it apart, oil change, filter etc, etc, etc.
Finally, the lights in the side of the saddlebags that haven't worked since I've had the bike. I just never got around to fixing them.
....and I painted the inside of the saddlebags and trunk which I posted pictures of a while back.
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Not as thoroughly as I should have. Wasn't quite halfway through my ride and had an itchin' to get home. The few I did notice seemed to be a number of children/teens and that was pretty depressing but I'll take a closer look next time I go that way...
Yes, looking through old cemeteries can be quite depressing. The infant mortality rate was very high a hundred years ago. That was one of the reasons people had such big families. They knew that some wouldn't survive.
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Knowing how to do stuff comes from trying and learning from the experience.
No one ever taught me how to do this stuff. I guess I just had a natural interest in fixing things since I was a kid.
If you get in there and try to fix your bike, you'll learn. And it will just get easier as time goes on.
Just rebuilt the clutch slave cylinder on mine yesterday.
Working fine again.
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Making slow but steady progress on my Goldwing.
I rebuilt the clutch slave cylinder. That worked out well. It had a very slow leak that was getting messy. All fixed.
Since I got that bike, I've never been able to start the bike in gear by pulling in the clutch lever. Installed a new switch at the clutch lever. All fixed!
Back in the fall, I started having a problem where the starter motor would continue to run even after I let go of the starter button. The starter relay is sticking occasionally. Whacking the relay with the handle of a screw driver or something would make it let go, and the starter would stop running.
So....A new starter relay is on order. Should be here soon.

I dunno...The bike is only 24 years old and the relay is sticking already?
They don't make 'em like they used to.
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It would appear we have uncovered an unapologetic Honda Lover.

I don't want to admit it, but I fall into the very much related camp of "Japanese stuff is pretty darn good".

My Suzuki is becoming the BSA Gold Star I kind-of lust for, but cannot afford purchase-wise or maintenance-wise.
My FOR SALE 3/4-race, radical-street Honda CRX is reliable as a rock despite its tweaked innards.
My 1958 Conn 6H trombone is BARELY able to displace Yamaha's 1975 copy of it.
I don't know about YOUR Japanese stuff, but MY Japanese stuff is one hundred percent American!
ALL Goldwings from September of 1979 through the end of 2010 were made in Marysville Ohio. 30 years of them. So MY Goldwing is an American bike. And yes, mine is pretty darned good.
I just LOVE my Goldwing....even if it does need parts at 24 years old. LOL!!!!
(my brother is a Harley guy. I rib him constantly about my Goldwing being more American than his Hog)
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I am hoping to have my Goldwing back on the road by the end of the week.
I'm plugging away at all the repairs/upgrades that need to be done.
If I hadn't gotten sick with a miserable cold two weeks ago, I'd be riding by now.
Today I got the dashboard back in the fairing.
And...a big one for me....
The sides of the saddlebags have long lights down the side of them. They originally had some sort of electroluminesent panel in them. They burned out looong before I got the bike.
As of today, those lights have LED strips in them, and boy do they look nice.
Wasn't easy though. The red lenses were held onto the shell with some sort of hot glue. Had to dunk the entire light in boiling water to get the glue to give up.
But it was worth the effort. First time I've ever seen them lit up.
Tomorrow, a new windshield and maybe an oil change.
Wheel Tire Automotive tail & brake light Vehicle Automotive parking light
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Looks good! I hope your friend is as happy with his as I am with mine.
Mine has 115,000 miles on it and it still runs like a new bike.
That was close, Mike.
Probably the switch at the handlebar.
Had the bike out for the first ride of the season yesterday, Saturday. 73 degrees!!! Glorious!!
Today, woke up to 34 degrees. What the hey? What happened to yesterday?
Never went above 42 here today, so I wasn't going anywhere.
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Hey, I could have run into you, I was out your way hunting Fire engines on Saturday afternoon, I found one near Jumboland.
Yeah, I recognized that fire engine from the deli just down the road from Jumboland.
That's a shame though. Both the deli and the fire engine are looking rather shabby.
They did have good food last time I was in there though. That was a couple of years ago.
I am proud to say that I know the location of every ice cream joint within 30 miles of here.
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The temperature went up to the mid 80s here today!!
Amazing for April.
I went to Bike Night.
Several dozen bikes there, pretty good for early April.
It feels SO GOOD to be out riding again!
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