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What did you do with your bike today?

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Me and my lady went for a nice ride on the Street Glide to a nice restaurant in Evansville, Ind. It has been a beautiful day.
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Went out and took a photo of the engine bar and skid plate. All I did so far was run to the post office and to lunch.


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Went out for a short ride to get the staybil well distributed in the gas system. 100 miles later I turned turned the GPS on and headed for home. I was 25 miles away. Found some new (to me) back country roads through the woods all different colors and almost no leaves on the road.

Oh well going to have to fill up again and add more staybil :)
Today I did nothing. And maybe will do nothing for quite awhile. Although its sunny and calm right now, the temp is 27 degrees. I've done some riding this past week despite the cooling temps but this might be it for the year. If it doesn't warm up the next thing I do is add Stabl to the gas tank, stuff rags in the pipes, hook up the Battery Tender and throw the cover over the bike. Then I read my motorcycle mags, my internet forums, and wait for Spring.
Yesterday I rode to work in heavy rain while it was 34F out. Today, it looks like its going to be the same, but snow instead of rain :(
Wow. I'm not that dedicated. I'm waiting for Sat. It's suppose to be around 62 and sunny.
Dedicated or just a masochist?
: ) I had to look that word up.
Yesterday I rode to work in heavy rain while it was 34F out. Today, it looks like its going to be the same, but snow instead of rain :(
Wow. I'm not that dedicated. I'm waiting for Sat. It's suppose to be around 62 and sunny.
My bikes are my daily drivers until I absolutely cannot ride them. Life sucks when my wife and I have to share the cage.

Ended up being 31F with an inch of snow on the ground on my ride home. The ZX9R did surprisingly well.

-I wanted to ride the bobber, since I can keep my hands warm on the engine, but the battery decided that it wanted to be dead :(.
Road the Bonny to the funeral home to make arrangements for my mother who died yesterday. Now to go for a long ride to remember who she was. She hasn't known me for a long time because of Alzheimer.

Words always seem to never be enough, so sorry for your loss. The picture reminds me of my dad's 46 or 47 Knucklehead, the one he would bring in through the sliding glass door right into the living room, and work on it over the winter months. My mother would be furious about it yet somehow that bike never left that room till warm riding weather appeared.

Funny, after while she would watch him work on it while drinking her coffee and running for tools. She managed to keep the oil and grease to a minimum on the carpet. Those were great days...
Thank you Tobacco Road. I grew up the same way. Mom would go for long rides together. I have spent a lot of time on the back of dads bike as a kid. My sister and I have gone with mom and dad in a side car many times also. Those were very good times in my life. As a result motorcycles have alway been apart of my life. Today while riding home from a 35 mile trip just to eat lunch, I couldn't help remembering those times.
My condolences on your loss. No matter when it occurs, the passing of a loved one is hard on those left behind. My dad died almost 40 years ago, and I still miss him all the time. My Mom turns 99 soon, but she is already moving down that path where the memories that make up her life and progressively slipping away. Those of you who still have parents around: heed the Bible and honor them. Someday they will be gone and you will surely regret that you did not know them better, do more for them to repay what they did for you, and learn the stories of their lives so that you might keep these thoughts alive as you pass them on to the next generation.
Got bike ready for veterans activities Sunday and Monday. Going to be a busy couple days with PGR.
Went for a good ride through some very nice country road this morning until 1 pm on the Bonneville. Ate lunch then went back out on those same country curvy roads on the Street Triple. What wonderful day. While riding the Striple I thought about which bike I would keep if I could only have one. I love the Street Triple too much to ever get rid of it. That means the Bonny and Street Glide would have to go. I hope that time never comes.
getting ready to jump on the bike and get my free Veteran's day meal.
I pushed it!

I rode with some friends to celebrate Veterans Day. We had a blast riding hard on some incredible back roads. Stopped for a late lunch and then split up to go our separate ways home.

I decided to stop for gas. A quarter mile from the station it sputtered and died. It ran out of gas! Note to self...the gauge is not accurate and there's no warning light!

I ended up pushing the bike into the station! I'm still laughing at myself and thankful it happened so close to a station. :)
Got up at 5:30, no breakfast, wife came home for lunch, I had no lunch, starving myself for free food a Ponderosa tonight. I couldn't make it, I decided I wanted some Krystals chilli-cheese fries.

Hopped on the bike, 28 miles one way, 115 miles round trip.

Got 50mpg. Relaxing 60, sometimes creeping up to 70, with some 30-50mph along the way.

Had a guy on my left, pull out turning left(my direction), nobody behind me but he had to be in front. We go down the road about 1/4 mile and he puts on the left turn signal, oh boy he had to be in front so he could make me wait for him to turn left again. Well I was wrong, this idiot turned left in front of SUV, which had ABS or the guy was real good at pointing his bumper down without locking up the wheels.

Weather isn't looking very good, with the work schedule, and it has reached that time of year when I have to work day shifts. I had to work Thur-Sun, day shift, great riding days.
Took a ride for a free meal. First time I have ever taken advantage of Veteran's day. 31 different places I could have gone. Came home before it got dark or cold. Wintery mix tomorrow
Jumped on the bike for a short ride. I needed to do that!
Calling for snow tomorrow.
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