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What did you do with your bike today?

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Me and my lady went for a nice ride on the Street Glide to a nice restaurant in Evansville, Ind. It has been a beautiful day.
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Rode mine to my work site today. Local temperatures were hovering around 50F. It is not exactly a job but my wife will have words to say to me if I don't show up some day. As it turns out, I was quite comfortable on my ride to work and I stripped off layers to perform my actual work once I got there.
Got mine out again today, even rode it to work on Friday. Next week it is supposed to be terrible. Highs in the low 30's all week. This may be it for this year.
At noon Saturday the sun was shining and the temp was around 45. I rode along Old Greensboro Road, a fun back road with some twists and hills and lots of farms. Didn't see another bike until I was on my way back home. Going up a hill I glanced in my mirrors and saw a bike way back there and coming fast. I was doing about 10 over the 55 limit. He passed me going triple digits on a Daytona 675R. I chuckled at his recklessness and hoped he would make it to his destination in one piece.
Went yesterday on my favorite little ride, 32 - 7 - 173 - 32 on the Brown Ridge portion of 32 I decided to count curves. I got 105 in 14 miles, I didn't count the little wavers as a curve and I might have lost counting concentration.

Waiting for the temp to go up enough to go do it again today, without the counting.

Its about an hour ride.
Went on an hour long ride down country roads today. Pavement and my fitst time on dirt. Longest ride I've ever been on, as I'm just starting out.
I rode to the bank for mortgage discussions and then went on to my work site. My daughter needs a new mortgage so that came first and then it was time for a bit of "me" time. My 25 miles ride to my work site reset my condition and relaxed me.
Just about lost it today, in between 2 curves the right half of the lane is in bad shape, normally no problem just drive on the left half of the lane. Today they were out flopping blacktop around, they apparently thought it would look nice to put a thin layer on the good section of the road. I came around leaning right hit that thin layer and the front wheel started sliding, I popped up wobbled then laid it left to go into the next curve.

A little ways down the road I came to the road crew, I stopped and told the flagman, he said uh yea, we don't have a paver so it is a little loose in places.
Rode to the BMW dealer for my bike's annual NC State inspection. Tried on a Shoei GT-Air helmet. Felt good, like the features, pricey @ $549, DOT but not Snell. Wonder how noise levels compare at highway speeds.
Rode it to get the mail, grab a bite to eat, pay rent, and go see the gf. It seems like no matter where I go on my bike, it's always enjoyable. I'm thinking about taking a cruise up north either today or tomorrow.
Yesterday went back on my favorite little ride. Apparently the road crew came back to the spot I slid and scrapped off the thin layer of loose blacktop, I'm surprised.

On the 29th I had forgotten, overshadowed by almost wrecking, I made a new record going around a horseshoe curve, 40mph, on the stryker. I haven't taken the sportster around this curve that fast. I've been trying to get comfortable taking the stryker around curves as fast as I feel comfortable on the sportster, coming along.

Yesterday I broke slow records, I got out there and the leaves were everywhere. Got back into town and took another route that is more open to wind and sunshine, it didn't have the leaves and it doesn't have the curves either, but I had fun.

No riding today, maybe tomorrow.
Rode the Beemer to a Cars and Coffee meet-up.

3 window coupe with rumble seat


Gran Torino


MGB GT with a V8. Also a couple of Cobras.
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Some good looking rides there
Well, yesterday. Went to the supermarket and did my shopping, rode to the nearest bike dealer and kicked tires and chewed the fat, came home and put the shopping away.

Then, since it was a lovely day in the high 20s/low 30s (that's deg C, around the mid 80s F) I rode 160 km (100 miles) north to a beach resort, on the way up I got passed by two guys in a ute (pickup) and they were cruising at a nice speed about 20 - 30 km/hr over the limit, so I tucked in behind them and followed them for about 100 km (60 miles).

I had lunch sitting under a shade at the beach, watched the bathing beauties, read a book, and rode home. Total ride over 300 km (200 miles).

On the question of flag mounts. At the mines near here any vehicle on site must have a flag. So they mount an air hose connector on the vehicle and put the matching half of the air connector (the one with the moveable sleeve) on the bottom of the flag pole. That way its really quick to mount and take down. I'm sure you could tack weld the bottom connector to some sort of plate/fitting which could be attached to your bike and use one of those break down rods with the cord up the middle as your pole (or even the rod from an old fishing rod) held into the other connector with a two-pot epoxy.
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MGB GT with a V8.
That MGB GT has a retro fit V8. MG themselves did a V8 version, they used the old Buick 3.5L that was so successful in Rovers and called it the MGC. It had a bonnet (hood) bulge which made them easy to identify, the example you've got there has the standard flat bonnet.
Went for a spirited ride up to the Cycle Exchange in Andover, NJ My friends son was looking at a Dyna Glide. They have an amazing inventory of motorcycles. Stopped off for a drink, and then back home. Beautiful day in NJ today.
Went for an 80 mile ride. Temp. was 58 degrees and some spotty rain. Still it was a blast on my 09 striple. Also noticed that the odo showed 19200 miles. Getting close to my 20k check. I know that the front brakes needs freshened up so I will do it myself. The air filter was changed not too long ago. The oil is fresh also.
Fixing to ride it to drop off my rent and then to go work at the office a couple of hours before racing home to watch Brother Alex and the Chiefs play Buffalo.
Got home yesterday from VJMC's Florida State Rally in Silver Springs. Was up there from Friday evening until Sunday 1 or so. Had a nice ride on Sunday and ended up at Lake Weir at one of the best places I have had seafood in a long, long time. Old Faithful gave me no problems.

Today, I added a Hepco Becker engine bar to the Bonnie and a homemade engine guard. The H-B was a bear; and I had to bend the lower bracket to finally make it fit. Looks good, though, and will give me a place for cruising pegs for those long rides.
Only had time to look at mine. Starting to get a little cold here in NJ. Had to winterize the boat, kept planning on taking a fall cruise with it, never happened. It's all good now, she is all put away and winterized.
Yesterday took the Buell out to the Yamaha Dealer to change the tires, and the rear bearings(bad shape). Afterward I had to test it, over 50-60 miles. Found this bikes weak spot, going up long steep hills, you can't stay in 5th all the way up.

Today took off on the Stryker, did a few things around town, then headed out. Went South, about an hour out the winds picked up to strong. Then all the way back I had high winds. Back for lunch, and going to check the weather to see which direction I can go to miss the winds.
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