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What did you do with your bike today?

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Me and my lady went for a nice ride on the Street Glide to a nice restaurant in Evansville, Ind. It has been a beautiful day.
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Since it's been raining...

So far I have replaced my low-beam headlights (55W) with 75W bulbs. Added driving lights and I am in the process of adding additional LEDs to the trunk molding and saddlebag molding. I just started adding the light to the trunk. This is using individual LEDs and circuit boards. The lights will be both running lights and brake lights...I know I could have purchased these online...but not a fan of chrome and wanted to use the color matched moldings (bought a spare set on Ebay for $20)


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Very nice! That is going to look cool wrapped around the trunk of your Wing!
Very nice! That is going to look cool wrapped around the trunk of your Wing!
Thanks...will also wrap around the saddlebags...working on them also. The saddlebags will just be running light where the trunk light will be running lights and brakelight...possibly with turn signals in the corners
What did I do with my bike today?
It's freezing rain outside right now, with the possibility of some snow by morning. If they come around and slather the roads with salt, (and I expect that they will!) I'm done 'til spring.
My bikes do not go out once there is salt on the roads. (sigh)
a little closer

test fitted panels and running the wires for the LED tail/turns signals, then rebuilt the seat mount.


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I took a quick 20 mile ride on New Years Day, i was busy all day so the ride was at sunset, it was cold, dark,windy, and spitting snow. I had a blast :)
It's great to be back riding, my hand is healing well after Carpal Tunnel surgery, I'm not ready for long distance yet, my wrist tires quickly but on short runs it's greatly improved, no more numb fingers in 6 blocks. I'm really glad I had it done!

While I was out I tested my Christmas present from my wife, a nice new GoPro, here is the result...!
"A QUICK New Years Day ride"
Rode over towards the West coast a bit for the re-enactment of the Dade Massacre. (It happened 180 years ago, and started the Second Seminole War.) I was sort of expecting something a little bit cheesy but I have to say that, given the confines of what they had to work within, the re-enactors did a very impressive job. We looked through the re-created Seminole hunting camp and I would have liked to have spent more time looking at the other displays, but so it goes sometimes.

I'm getting half an idea to do a drawing that might be used to benefit the historical society for that place. Hmm....
I installed the new gas cap hinge on my VTX. Then I shoveled a little snow so the wife could get to the horses easier.

Not nearly as impressive as Eye's story.
I took a ride yesterday about 40 miles north up into the Pocono Mountains and discovered that winter has been closer than I thought, this was where I stopped for gas in Gouldsboro before turning around to head home. I think it was about 30f when I left home and about 25 there, but with bright sunshine the snow was still melting. There were piles of snow all over and ice patches on side roads, while we had nothing at home. I guess 1500 feet of altitude change makes a difference...

This is the furthest that I've ridden since my wrist surgery, it's working out very well, no more numbness in the hand after a mile of riding, only a little pain and stiffness where the surgery was performed, weakeness is mostly gone, but the wrist still does tire quickly.
I'm healed enough that I go back to work on Monday in fact, but till then..well when I went to see the DR. on Monday, she said that riding with all the gripping and wrist twisting is great therapy for the wrist, and will help it get ready for work, so....
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Looks as though your bike leans over more than usual....or am I just imaging things LOL.
Good luck with the wrist Mike. Sounds like you are moving along nicely.
Got Rid of the the Weak ass OEM Battery on the Scout and Replaced it with a Deltran Lithium Iron Phosphate (LiFePO4).. Hopefully with much Better Results ..

After load Testing was time for it to go ..

Got it for a Decent Price as well through Amazon ..

How much did that sucker set you back>>>If Imay ask
Why? The weather hasn't been bad this week in our area, put on some layers and get on that thing before it snows and they salt the roads.
I rode over 100 miles yesterday, down to Allentown on an errand, then over into NJ to have lunch with my son, before I went home in time to make dough and bake pizza for dinner. I might have taken a few longer than direct routes along the way, you know how it goes :)
I'm really going to miss all this freedom when I go back to work on Monday :biggrin:

Just looked at it today.
Looked at it and said "Why did I buy you?" turned off the lamp and left the garage.
Had to work today but on the way home I kept seeing bikes out on the road and they encouraged me to say screw it and get out there despite the chilly weather and winds.

Only did a quick 30 mile run through Roman Forest, coming up through Plumb Grove, and back around to my home-town.

I've got a much bigger trip planned for tomorrow though ...
We did a short 242 mile ride today even with the approaching cold front right in our front for the whole way west....but that didn't deter the 18 bikes and 24 people that donned leathers and heavy jackets...several rain showers were still in the area but we somehow dodged them for most of the day.....still got the bikes all dirty though...oh well it will give me something to do in my spare time next week

Went to the doctors today and got a prescription

Fat fingered on my iPhone
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Went to the doctors today and got a prescription

Fat fingered on my iPhone
Right on.
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