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What did you do with your bike today?

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Me and my lady went for a nice ride on the Street Glide to a nice restaurant in Evansville, Ind. It has been a beautiful day.
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Feeling sad that I have not done anything with my bike today. Wasted a day.:frown::thumbsdown:
Fixing to ride it to drop off my rent and then to go work at the office a couple of hours before racing home to watch Brother Alex and the Chiefs play Buffalo.
Took a ride for a free meal. First time I have ever taken advantage of Veteran's day. 31 different places I could have gone. Came home before it got dark or cold. Wintery mix tomorrow
Well.........which of the 31 places did you get your V-Day meal? Enquiring minds want to know!! :) (or hungry stomach wants to know in my case.)
Had to sign a document yesterday. Predicted high of 38 degrees at 3 PM. I left at 12 and had a nice back roads ride. The new Carhartt Extremes bibs did really well. hands and feet got a little cold,but core temp helped warm them up.I stayed pretty warm for 40 miles one way...

Stopped at a Hadgi place to pee and fill up and Hadgi did not have public restrooms. I asked him if he knew of a gas station that had them. Told him that I needed fuel and coffee and stuff ,but I never bought at places that had no toilet... It is getting so that a guy has to carry a portable urinal.

Anyway a great ride and I managed to not hit anything but small towns on the way. And the document I delivered will result in a nice little payday:)
Hadji had no back wall?
Got geared up to ride, but when I hit the starter, got the old rrrrr rrrr rrrrr. Yup, no good juice from battery. Took the seat off and checked battery connections (a problem common to my bike). THey were fine. Spent a good frustrating 45 minutes trying to get the battery out. It is in there tight, and there is nothing to hold on to to pull it up. Finally succeeded and checked the electrolyte levels. One cell was very low and all the others were a bit below the lower level. I hadn't checked them since I bought the bike. Went to the store and got some distilled water. Returned and topped it off. Reinstalled the battery and jumped it from my truck. Hooray!! Let it warm up while I reinstalled side covers and seat. It was full dark by now. I rode it around the neighborhood streets for awhile to hopefully get a bit of a charge. I am planning to take at least a short ride this morning if it starts. The battery is the original which means it is 4 years old. I don't know how long they tend to last. I do know that when I replace it, it will be with a sealed battery.
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If you use a battery tender when your not riding it, batteries can last pretty long. I have the original cheap batteries in our snowmobiles, and they're going on 8 years old. I do have plans to replace them with sealed ones before the season starts though. My new motorcycle came with a sealed battery, which I thought was nice.
Yeah, I think I need to get one. Local Wal-Mart has the Battery Tender Jr and the Battery Tender Pro. Do you think the Jr. would be sufficient for my purposes? I just have the one bike. Do you know if the pigtails that you leave on the bike come with the Tender or do you have to buy separately? I don't want to have to take the seat off all the time.
Bike started fine this morning. Went for a short 20 mile ride. It was cold. Stopped to take pic to win current picture challenge (check it out, and see my new unique challenge). Rode up a mountain road. It grew colder as I went. Ran into fog. Decided to turn around. Then, unexpected to me, both my mirrors and my visor frosted over (not fogged over, but actual frosted)! Had to ride back down with visor open! My face did not thank me! What can be done about that? I had not thought about that happening. All in all a good ride. Sipping Bailey's laced coffee now, and feeling good about the world. I think I am falling in love with my motorbike. :)
Speaking of gloves, I rode yesterday with some non-motorcycle winter gloves that cost all of about $15. My hands stayed warm as toast, unlike my regular winter leather riding gloves, which hardly do the job for me once the temps get below about 50. But with a grandson sleeping in the den, where my gloves were put away, I grabbed the cheapy shovel-the-snow old gloves for my ride. It makes me realize that there are gloves that can keep my hands warm, but these offer little or no protection being nylon on the outside and some puffy stuff inside. Now I need to find some really warm gloves that are covered in leather to offer both warmth and road rash protection. Open to suggestions. Might give these a try. I just got some, and for the money, I think they are pretty good. Go at least a size larger than usual. I went 2 sizes larger to get the length about right.
That is all well and good but they only come in 3X. No way could I go a size or two larger when my normal glove size is 4X. My present winter gloves are likely to be replaced by some good snow shoveling gloves. At least in those gloves I can sometimes find ones that fit.
It got up over 40 here today so naturally I rode to my work site.
Good Grief, Man!! If you have hands like steam shovels, there is not help for ya!!! :):tongue:
Checked the tire pressure and added a little air.
Did a 140 mile ride. # different highways. Saw some beautiful country. Fought some fierce winds.
Accidentally stole gas. Well not really. Been putting non ethanol gas in my bike recently and the closet station doesn't have a card reader on the pump. You have to go inside, have them turn it on then go back inside and pay. I haven't had to pay after pumping in 10 years and forgot to go in and pay. Realized it about a mile down the road and hauled ass back to give them money. Luckily he hadn't called the cops yet, only the owner that told him to give me 24 hours.

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That sounds like something I would do!
Rode to the Post Office (my More Proficient Motorcycling came in to day, Woot!) Was going to ride more, but I just felt off. Something was either up with my clutch or with my clutch hand. It just did not feel right today. Slow getting the clutch out.
Rode the bike to work the last 3 days. Windy all three days, but nice to get ride and save some gas money. I find it is easier to relax once I get home, when I ride the bike, as the ride seems to sweep a lot of the work concerns out of my head in the 22 miles of curvy backroads to my house.
Followed my roommate on his first foray onto the mean streets of Florida. He did pretty good. Was only about 15 miles all together.

Cell phone pics are hard while riding, selfies are easier.
I'm sure it is just a shadow, but it looks like your friend's kickstand is down in that second picture.
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