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What did you do with your bike today?

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Me and my lady went for a nice ride on the Street Glide to a nice restaurant in Evansville, Ind. It has been a beautiful day.
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I can't imagine riding a 360 for any serious distance but it would be a fun toy to play with around town. Today even a 750 sounds a bit small but I enjoyed distance riding on my BMW R60 (600 cc) and my CX-500-C back in the day. These days I am on a 1731 cc Victory Vision, pretty much a dedicated touring bike, although I ride it everywhere.
I rained all morning here. It is the first day that I have not ridden since way back in May.
I love that every day is Saturday. It is one of the real benefits of being retired. Today is still Saturday but I will be going to work building my own home. I put in about 40 hours a week but that means work about 6 hours each day and do what you want with the rest of the day. My ride to and from my job site is about 20 miles each way so I get in some riding every day. If it is too cold in the morning, I just wait an hour. No time clock to punch so my hours are my own.
On the spam front, I last ate spam, the canned meat product, back when I was about 10 years old. These days spam has an entirely different meaning for me.
Polished mine up for group ride tomorrow.
I found out that a bit of elbow grease, a blue, non scratching cleaning pad and some window cleaner will remove white paint from my Vision fairing without harming the underlying paint finish. I found that well worth knowing since I had a mark on my fairing from a run in with one of my own garage trim pieces.
I usually use products from Meguiars. I use the glaze for cleaning and the Caranuba wax to shine!
The wax is a good idea. I used my blue scotch brite pad, the one they say will not scratch, because I had little choice. Nothing else seemed to be touching the white paint transferred to my fairing. I used the window cleaner because the bike manufacturer has recommended it prior to using an adhesive attachment for their fairing lowers and I figured they knew what would really work. It turned out to be a winning combination for me.
I'm hoping for another warm up before the end of the season. The forcast is highs of 40 degrees for at least the next week. This is what we had today just north of Minneapolis/St. Paul area.

The road looks clear to me. How low were the temperatures?
Rode mine to my work site today. Local temperatures were hovering around 50F. It is not exactly a job but my wife will have words to say to me if I don't show up some day. As it turns out, I was quite comfortable on my ride to work and I stripped off layers to perform my actual work once I got there.
I rode to the bank for mortgage discussions and then went on to my work site. My daughter needs a new mortgage so that came first and then it was time for a bit of "me" time. My 25 miles ride to my work site reset my condition and relaxed me.
I brushed off an inch of snow and rode it to the store on one of my typical shopping assignments. Honey do's are never ending.
Installed a Digital Guard Dog 4V module. Now the bike will not start unless the "dog tag" is present. Next up I need to call the insurance company and see if they will give me a discount for such a security device.
It is a lot like the HD keyless fob but in my case the Vision uses the key for so much more than ignition that I needed to keep using the key. The Victory specific 4V locks out the ignition but continues to use the key for all other functions. DGD does make a Victory system almost identical to the HD system but it is far more costly than the one I bought and it still does not allow things like fuel fill access door or steering lock without using the key. I decided the added cost vs benefit was just not worth it.
Never heard of this company before but it looks VERY handy. I was all jazzed about it....even read the installation manual - which doesnt look that bad really, couple hours tops to install.

......then I got to the price....eeeeeck. $450? Yeah, Im gonna keep using my
I bought the 4V, not the full blown keyless system. I got a deal on it as a member of another forum and the security only aspect cost me all of $129, not $450.
I have seen the hidden switch trick before. My dad did that on a 1955 pickup. If you don't know where to look, the thing is just a dead vehicle even with the key ON.
Heck it got to a bit over 35F today so of course I was riding. With only 45 miles of riding I even ran into another rider. I guess I am not the only one who thinks 35 is just fine. Might give these a try. I just got some, and for the money, I think they are pretty good. Go at least a size larger than usual. I went 2 sizes larger to get the length about right.
That is all well and good but they only come in 3X. No way could I go a size or two larger when my normal glove size is 4X. My present winter gloves are likely to be replaced by some good snow shoveling gloves. At least in those gloves I can sometimes find ones that fit.
It got up over 40 here today so naturally I rode to my work site.
I admit my hands are a bit larger than most people have. Now why would a glove manufacturer limit their sales to only people with "small" hands?
I rode mine today but the forecast is full of rain and snow. That means that once the engine cooled down I made it my priority to get the cover in place. Now I am ready no matter what.
Just started my bike in garage and tested rev limiter, like I do almost every time... :D
Offcourse waiting a bit to get engine warm up and then dydydydydydydydyyyyy!
Do not test your rev limiter ever on a stored engine. An aluminum engine, which most of us have, does not expand very evenly. It is why we always wait a minute or two after starting the engine before we ride away. Frankly, I never even pull out until I can feel a warm engine with my hand, which only usually takes 60 to 90 seconds in the worst of conditions. Your rev limiter on any bike assumes you have thoroughly warmed the engine. Never even think about using it when your bike is in winter storage. Even if it keeps running, you are damaging your engine by treating it that way RoadRacer. A winter regime that works follows one of two regimens. One is to treat the fuel with something like Stabil and then walk away and ignore the engine while providing the battery with a battery tender. The other approach is to actually ride at least 20 miles every few weeks, for me that is about once a week most winters. 20 miles is enough to circulate all oil and to warm the engine enough to boil off any acids that are resulting from combustion processes.
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Got up a bit over 40 today so I ignored the snow on the side of the roads and rode around doing my errands. I also installed the new Dawg tag for my digital guard dog system. Now I have a spare tag that will work.
Errands didn't give me enough riding so I arbitrarily drove to a nearby town and back just to warm the bike thoroughly. Tomorrow they are predicting rain changing over to ice so I may have to leave the cover on it tomorrow.
I tried to get out for my third day in a row but turned back after only about 5 miles when the windshield started to ice up. It was misting lightly, not even a drizzle so I had decided to go, after wiping off the seat, but it was enough to form a solid sheet of ice on the windshield in under 5 miles at a nominal 30F. No issues with the road surface at that point but I just didn't want to chance finding a shady spot that had some ice on the road.
Temps hovering around freezing today so no long distance ride for me. I ran a few errands then returned home and installed my Witchdoctors shift linkage. This one then out for a test ride and found I could not upshift so came home and adjusted it. Now I need to contact WD to find out if I can safely remove what looks like a small spacer. That would get my adjustments back to what I consider normal for my adjustable shifter. Meanwhile it is working just fine, just not matching my preferred ergonomics. My problem is the KewlMetal heel shifter is hitting the floorboard before I get that upshift unless I move the shifter to its forward position and extend the linkage rod. I had been running it in the center position.
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